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Story: Friendly Competition



Riley, Hazel and Camila were lifetime friends. The trio always bonded over being outcasts. Never considered to be popular, they often poked fun at the 'popular' girls in town. Riley was the shyest of the group, short with freckles and a red haired pixie cut. Camila also had a similar look, but she was a little more outgoing and pretty deep in the closet. Hazel was the prettiest, but not by much, with slight curves and hot pink dyed hair. Much to Riley's chagrin, Hazel had started dating Riley's lifelong crush, Andy. He was tall with a slim athletic build and boyish good looks. Riley still was heartbroken over it, but she kept it all secret.

    The group decided to go camping trip as a celebration for finishing a year of college. Little did they know, their lives would be forever altered. Riley?s life especially. They drove down back country roads listening to their favorite albums, talking about the future, potential relationships and everything in between.

    Riley sat in the back staring out the window quietly. Despite their equal unpopularity, Riley always felt like the most boring of the three. Insecurities often clouded her judgement. Her self proclaimed 'basic features' often made her feel jealous of others. Most people would see her as cute, but for Riley, cute wasn't enough. She relished and envied girls with exaggerated slim thick curves, lengthy legs, heart shaped bubble butts, perky tits. Her only solace was hanging out with Hazel and Camila, they shared her so called 'basic' features, which made her jealousies easier to control.

    The long ride gave Riley lots of time to fantasize. She often masturbated to the thought of growing curvier. Taking some sort of potion that would turn her body into a Goddess figure. The thought of growing sexier made her wet.

    Camila and Hazel often poked fun at Riley for her fantasies, but they too felt slightly lacking in the curves department. Everybody has different tastes, some people like curves, some people like skinny, some people like fat. Riley wanted curves, long powerful legs, a massive heart shaped booty, she wanted to make people aroused and jealous the second she walked in a room. But such is life.

    They were finally nearing the campsite, and Riley noticed something odd. Her perspective seemed slightly higher, like her seat had been raised. However, the effect was so subtle, she shrugged it off as nothing.


    They set up camp by nightfall and sat around the fire. Riley listened as the others talked about their favorite comic book stories. Again, she felt like something was off, like her yoga pants were tighter than usual. Had she gained weight? She flexed her bum and whimpered a bit as her pants pulled tight against her crotch.

    "You okay?" Hazel asked, noticing the whimper. "Uhhh yeah," Riley said, "Just tired." The girls shrugged and went back to conversation. Riley on the other hand, was  entranced with the tighter sensation of her pants. The way it felt when she flexed her ass, lifting her whole body up with each flex, like she had been doing squats or something. Was she going crazy? She felt around her hips, were they slightly wider now? There's no way. She squeezed her bum and moaned at the sensation, it felt bigger, perkier, curvier.

    "What's that?" Camila asked, thinking Riley had said something. Riley turned beat read, "N-nothing" she said. "Are you okay?" Camila questioned again.

"W-what?" Riley laughed awkwardly, "I'm just tired... I gotta go to bed"

    Riley left to her tent. The other girls stared as she left, something felt different about riley, but they couldn't figure out what it was. Back in her tent, Riley was going to investigate. Maybe she was going crazy.

CHAPTER 2: Progression


Riley sat in her tent alone, her yoga pants feeling wonderfully snug around her hips and ass. She pulled down them down, loving how the waistband dug into her bigger bum.


She looked back over her shoulder and turned wet when she saw it. Her ass was round, a medium sized incredibly shaped, bubble butt , her panties pulling tight like a thong now. Each cheek was like a tight melon, ready to burst. Not ridiculously big, but the shape was amazing. She ran her hands all over it, squeezing, groping, moaning. It was firm with just the right amount of softness. Even her hips felt slightly wider, more fertile. A bigger bum needs wider hips. Her small waist had stayed the same size however, "Wow" She whispered, turning red, wondering how she was going to explain these changes to her friends. Partly embarrassed but also incredibly excited. Maybe she would get even more.

She hoped this was just the beginning. 


She pulled her yoga pants back up, loving the way her butt pushed against its constraints. Hugging spandex pressing into her figure like a second layer of tight skin. She lay down on her back, giggling at how her bubble butt felt against the tent floor, it pushed her back up higher, like sitting on a pleasure filled cushion. 


She could almost feel her body growing, maybe it was just placebo, but she hoped not. The thought of growing curvier, taller, sexier, sent her mind spinning. A questing hand made its way down in between her legs, She squeezed her pussy, she was soaking wet. She started rubbing herself gently, whimpering, trying to be as quiet as possible. Imagining herself growing more, imagining her secret crush Andy, squeezing her bum, ****ing her brains out. She wanted to be so much more. She came within minutes, an earth-shattering orgasm unlike anything she'd ever had. She fell off to sleep, dreaming of growing more, outgrowing her friends, outgrowing everyone. She wanted to grow into so much more.


When she awoke the next morning everything felt different. All of her clothes felt tighter. Even her bra felt tighter. She climbed out her sleeping bag, and gasped at the sight of herself. Her hips were even wider now. It was unmistakable. Her legs were longer too, deliciously shaped, curvy slender calves and thicker, almost voluptuous thighs. She felt like screaming with delight, but didn't want to wake her friends. The best change of all however, was her chest. Her chest was eve bustier now, perky, C-cups, with a teardrop lilt to them, barely contained by her tiny bra. "Ohhhh ****." She wanted to masturbate again, but forced herself to calm down. Riley was way sexier than Camila and Hazel now. Her body would turn heads for sure now. She wasn't supernaturally sexy, yet. She groped her breasts, sighing at how good they felt. She decided to wear the baggiest clothes possible, despite her pride, she didn't even know how to begin showing off her body to the world. That would come with experience, she figured.


When Riley exited the tent, her friends were already awake cooking breakfast.  She sat down at the campfire, baggy clothes hiding her new curves relatively well.


Then she heard a voice that made her stomach flutter., "Hey guys" the voice belonged to Andy, Riley's secret crush since forever. Too bad for Riley, Andy was dating Hazel. Riley turned beat red as Andy walked up to the table. His short brown hair, deep green eyes, and trim athletic 5?10?  build with a boyish grin. Hazel bounced up and down giddy with excitement. Andy picked her up, spun her around and kissed her. Riley almost turning green with envy.


?Sorry I forgot to say I invited Andy.? Hazel laughed. Riley rolled her eyes. Hazel often invited Andy to events just as a way of showing him off, ?Anyways, who's up to go swimming?? said Hazel.


Everyone nodded, except for Riley, she was too busy staring at Andy. ?Hey Riley? Andy said, snapping her out of a trance, ?Hey, hey How are you, Andy?? said Riley.

?Im good? said Andy, noticing something different about Riley, but unable to tell exactly what. Riley could feel her crotch turning wet with excitement, every inch of her body buzzing with endorphins, just looking at Andy turned her on. She could almost feel her body growing, stretching, swelling. Maybe it was just a placebo.


?You guys go ahead, I'll meet you at the lake.? Riley said.


?Okaaay,? said Hazel.


The group left as Riley stepped into her tent. Her body was brimming with endorphins, she removed her baggy pants, and gasped at what she saw. She was even curvier than this morning. Her legs had stretched longer, she must have been two inches taller now. Her hips were deliciously wider, complimented by her already narrow waist. She ran a hand over her fertile hips, sighing at the hourglass shaped, the smooth curves. Her ass had swollen even more too. Heart shaped, achingly plump. God it was beautiful. Powerful. It stuck out behind her with peachy confidence. She gave it a squeeze, it was firm too, she jumped and it bounced around, hypnotically jiggling. It was big, but she wanted it to get even bigger. She wanted it to grow almost too big. She wanted more. Her thickening thighs were deliciously shaped too, complimenting her powerfully sized bum. Riley took off her sweater next, chills ran down her spine as the fabric grazed her erect nipples. She gasped again at what she saw.


 Her breasts were bigger, much, much bigger. Generous C-Cups, almost D-cups she guessed, with just the right mix of perkiness and droop. Tear drop shaped, with a pouting lilt. ?Ooooh? she moaned, caressing her newly bloated tits, she whimpered at how good they felt. Much bigger than hazel?s for sure, she thought. ?Mmmmm? still though, she wanted more. She wanted more everything, bigger, sexier, better. She squeezed her tits, and again whimpered with pleasure. Biting her lip, her body sensitive and mesmerizing. She raised her tits up and let them drop, loving how they bounced and jiggled around. Her shy demeanor was beginning to conflict with this growing sense of smug superiority.


She grabbed her swimsuit bottom, and pulled it on, god it was so tight, like a mini thong digging into her widened  hips , this excited her even more. She grabbed the top, which was comically small compared to her newly swollen bosom. She stretch it on, her tits barely contained. She laughed. Suddenly her bottom snapped and fell away. ?Holy ****? she whispered, realizing that she was still growing even now. The sensation of literally outgrowing a piece of clothing was indescribably sensuous. No wonder she was buzzing with sensation, her body was always pulsing bigger, stretching longer, slowly, but relentlessly. This fact excited her beyond what she thought possible. She loved what she was becoming and fantasized about the future. Her bikini stop struggling to contain her breasts, she casually stuck her chest out, causing the top snap and fall away. She sighed with pleasure. Her tits were definitely a d-cup now, she giggled. Shed have to borrow one of Hazel's bikinis, though even that was gonna be too small.


Riley went into Hazels tent and grabbed a bikini. She pulled on the bottom and loved how snug it felt, it made her bum look even better she thought. She grabbed a top and laughed at how small it was, Hazel had b-cups, so Riley new d-cups overwhelmed the bikini, her cleavage was incredible. Riley sighed with approval. She wondered what everyone would think of her. Would they freak out? They'd definitely be jealous. She was gonna play it coy she decided, since part of her still felt shy and awkward.

Either way, this was going to be fun.


Riley was becoming increasingly excited by the sensations of her newly swelling body. Just yesterday she looked like a boyish girl, today she was unmistakably voluptuous. Her long, deliciously slender calves and thick thighs complimenting her wide hips and powerfully shaped bum. A curvaceous lower body providing strong stability for her ever growing form. Her perky D-cup tits, resting atop her slender torso pouting, growing. She must have grown almost 5 inches taller overall too. She wanted more, she needed more. 

    She stared down at her body, running hands up and down every curve. Still in awe of how much wider her hips felt. She loved the way wide hips looked and felt, like a modern fertility goddess. Wider than her shoulder width. Suddenly a strange vibrating sensation overtook her from within. "Ohhh" A warm pulsing feeling started from between her hips and emanating into every inch and curve of her being. "mmm" She squeaked, rubbing herself gently. "Mmm Yeah" She could actually feel the growth now, slow but undeniable. "Ohhh" the bikini getting tighter with each passing moment. "Ohhhh c'mon, grow" A scraping sound filled her ears as her ass expanded, brushing against the tent floor, millimeter by millimeter.

    The vibrating sensation grew more intense, climbing up her spine and into her breasts. The bikini straps dug into her back, as her tits swelled bigger, jiggling with each pulse of growth, pushing the already small bikini even tighter, tit flesh spilling out the sides, barely contained. "Ohhhh c'mmon bigger" She whimpered, relishing every moment. "c'mon bigger." Finally the bikini top snapped pushing uselessly forward, her tits bouncing free as she kept rubbing herself, a powerful unexpected orgasm pulsing from the sensation of outgrowing another swimsuit. 


"Ohhhh" She moaned, "Ohhh please, bigger" She begged, practically drooling, she grabbed hazels pillow and straddled it between her thick, voluptuous thighs, rhythmically humping away, her assets jiggling and bouncing with each pulse. "Mmm, Mmm Yeah eep" She squeaked again as she felt her ass cheeks pillowing bigger, juicer, riper, She looked ready to burst in all the right places. Her legs were long and powerful, almost muscular, but still covered with gentle 'feminine' softness. She reached for Hazel's bag and grabbed another one of her tiny bras,  a stretchier sports bra. She stretched it on barely able to fit, her tit cleavage spilling out the edges. She whimpered as her whole body slowly pulsed up bigger, after a few more minutes of growth the sports bra tore away and her tits bounced free once more, even bigger than before.

Without considering the consequences, Riley kept humping away, trying on all of Hazel's bras and outgrowing them. The sensation of outgrowing her friends clothing made her feel so powerful. "C'mon bigger, please, bigger..." She whimpered, biting her lip and staring down at her swelling curves.

Finally after about an hour of slow growth and self pleasuring the growth plateaued and she came back to her senses.

    She was taller, curvier. Her tits proudly pouting, DD-cups at least, her massive bum making her skin look tight. Her fertile widened hips. Still her proportions weren't supernaturally ridiculous, but she was easily the hottest girl she knew. "Holy ****" She whispered, staring at the pile oof broken bras, panties and swimsuits in front of her. She had literally lost control of herself and destroyed her friends wardrobes.

    She decided to hold off on going to the beach for now. She wore hazels yoga striped yoga pants, they looked painted on, her massive bum distorting the stripes. She pulled on a snug  sweater hoodie, which looked more like midriff revealing sweater on her, hugging her voluptuous bosom. Nothing could hide her curves anymore and she couldn't wait for Andy to see.

    The group returned to find what they thought to be a stranger, near the fire squatting on a  piece of firewood, Her massive bum sticking out behind her, she was cooking marshmallows by the fire. Everyone looked at her confused. Andy's dick immediately rose to attention, and he tucked it up under his waistband to hide it.

"Uhhhh excuse me?" Said Hazel "Who are you, and why are you wearing my clothes?"

Riley looked up, revealing her face, everyone's jaw dropped. "Hey guys." Riley's face was still the same, adorable as ever, but now complemented by a body that oozes sexuality.

"What the actual ****." Said Hazel, unable to hide her jealousy and confusion.

"I honestly don't know what's happening to me" Riley laughed, turning red, slightly embarrassed but also excited by the jealousy in her friends' eyes, and the lust in Andy's eyes. "I just started growing."

"You look like a ****ing mini goddess." Camila said, feeling especially inadequate in the presence of Riley's new body.

"Well I feel pretty great, I hope it's not a health issue." Riley smiled sheepishly, locking eyes with Andy, She could tell he was using all his will power to not stare at her body. She noticed his massive hard on barely concealed in his swim shorts, she turned wet.

Hazel was red with envy and silent. "What did you do?" she asked.

"I didn't do anything," said Riley, "I just started growing, can everyone stop staring at me, it's weird." She giggled awkwardly.

"Maybe you should dress a bit more... modestly..." said Hazel, noticing Andy's uncontrollable fascination with Riley's new body.

"Honestly I tried, but everything I wear makes me look. voluptuous now, It's kind of embarrassing" She looked down, "but it feels kinda good."

"Oh okay, " Riley said, "do you wanna go to the hospital? This isn't normal."

"Not really, I just kinda wanna finish our camping trip." said Riley, locking eyes with Andy, she subconsciously shifted her arms, grabbing the log between her legs, her arms squeezing out her generous bosom even farther. The shape of her mammoth tits visible underneath hazel's hoodie jacket. Pouting, pressing forward, slowly growing even now. Andy, turned around and left, he needed to go rub one off now, the sight of Riley was far too much for him to handle.

"Where are you going?" Hazel asked.

"I just need a walk, i'll be back." He said, walking off in a state of dazed horniness.

"Sorry guys I know it's weird, but I'd appreciate if we can just keep enjoying the trip." Riley said.

Everyone mumbled agreement, still hypnotized by their friends new body.

    The other girls went to go sit at the table, leaving Riley alone at the fire. Riley couldn't stop thinking about Andy's massive hard on. He must have been at least 8 inches inches long , and deliciously thick. She turned wet at the thought of titty ****ing Andy's massive ****, getting pegged against a tree while he groped her bum and held her up by her widened hips. She needed to get ****ed, and she needed it now. The other girls were whispering at the table. Riley stepped up and walked off after Andy. Each step filled with swaying sexuality. The girls watched her leave. Everyone knew exactly where she was going, but nobody knew what to say. Who knew how big she could get, how powerful she could become. Maybe it would be better to stay on her good side.

Riley walked off into the night, her bountiful round ass and wide hips swaying hypnotically. She wasn't even trying to look sexy, but With a body like hers, every little move dripped with sensuality. Her friends watched as she walked off into the darkness.

"What the **** is going on?" said Hazel. Camila shrugged confusion. They were all boiling with envy, but camilas envy was mixed with lust.

    Meanwhile Andy was off in the woods beating off to the recent sight of seeing Rileys dramatically transformed figure. "Hey" a timid riley said behind him. He jumped, startled, zipping up his pants barely able to contain his raging hard on. "Jesus Christ" he said. Staring at rileys body. She looked even sexier standing up, her wide fertile hips pushing out slightly farther than her shoulder width. Her ripe bosom stretching the fabric of her sweater hoodie. This was getting stranger by the second.




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