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Scenes from a Hat

Sometimes I get these great ideas. Usually it's just a single scene - a growth scene, or a shrinking scene, or an interaction between two characters. I can play them out in my head very vividly, and then I feel like writing them down. But what usually happens is that I come with the brilliant idea to write a full-fledged story around these scenes, and then I try to write it, but without having a clear idea for a plot or where I want to take the story. So I start writing, lose interest, lose motivation, and drop the project altogether, all before I even really make any sort of progress in the story.

Well, recently I had a great idea: forget the story, and just write the scene that was the original source of inspiration. And it worked! I wrote out some scenes with no trouble at all. All I had to do was tweak them so that they could sort of stand alone, so that you don't really need to read the rest of the story (which is nonexistent) to figure out what's going on.

I have three scenes, which I'll start posting right after this. None of them have anything to do with each other, and they also have different kinds of content, which I'll describe prior to each scene so that you can decide whether or not you want to read it.

Adult content warnings apply to all scenes.

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This first scene contains some sex-fueled growth. I'd describe the lady in question as "plump" but definitely not fat, though I left some details kinda vague, so it's really for you to decide. Not really much more to say about it. Enjoy.


"Pushing Buttons"
By Jack Vigilante

He woke up in the middle of the night - the bed felt like it was rocking - and laid there for a minute, still, even after the bed stopped moving. It took a little time because of that still-dreaming feeling that comes from being pulled out of sleep, but eventually he remembered. And then he relaxed.

He reached out and pushed the button to light up the display on his alarm clock, momentarily filling the bedroom with a luminescent glow of fluorescent blue. 2:37, the display read. I love her, but I'm never going to get any sleep if we keep sharing the same bed. He quickly released the button to shut the light off. Didn't want to-- Oh, she's already awake...

Another earthquake of movement rocked the bed as she rolled over. She eased against him, resting her weight against his backside, wrapped an arm around him, drew him closer to her curves. The bed slanted downward towards her weight, and he found himself rolling back slightly and resting against her. Her breasts pressed heavily against his back. She draped a leg over his, its weight holding him snugly in place. Skin on skin. He sighed happily, reveling in her warmth and softness around his body. She wrapped an arm around him, placed a hand on his chest, over his heart, and they both felt his pulse quicken pace under her touch.

"I'm sorry I woke you, pumpkin," she whispered into his ear, tenderly.

Pumpkin placed a hand over top his wife's on his chest. He held it, stroked, felt the smoothness of the back of her hand against his fingers. Felt its size compared to his own. She's so big. Her hand slid out from under his, her soft fingertips trailing a line down his chest, down his stomach, down, down, down. Pumpkin was already hard, aroused beyond belief from the touch of his wife's big, soft body. She wrapped her hand around his meat, nearly engulfing its entire length. She's not as sorry as she says she is.

"Make love to me," she cooed. She began to stroke him. Gently. Lightly. "Please, pumpkin, make love to me."

Pumpkin shuddered slightly under her ministrations. He closed his eyes, and whimpered just a little. Get a hold of yourself. He wanted her. "We shouldn't," he said, pulling her hand away from his crotch. She persisted, returning her hand to play with him. And, again, he pushed her away. "I can't," he reiterated, more forcefully this time.

She stopped. Stopped moving, stopped breathing. And then after a moment, she sat up, and turned away from her husband.

Pumpkin sat up himself, and sighed. Dammit. He turned to look at his heartbroken wife. She was facing away from him, her head cast down. She isn't... Is she? He listen closely, and heard the quiet, stifled sniffles of a woman who didn't want her husband to know she was crying. She is. "Honey..." he started, genuinely sorry and regretful. He shifted over to be by her side, sitting on his knees before her. Her hands rested on her thighs in front of her, and Pumpkin took one of them in his own, holding her in comfort. "I don't mean to push you away. Honest. I love you so much, honey."

Honey turned her head to him, and in the gleam of the moonlight coming from the window, he could see the wet rivulets of tears streaking her beautiful face. Even with Pumpkin on his knees and Honey seated flat on her rear, she was more than a head taller than him. She looked down at him, scrutinizingly. She raised her other hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks, momentarily brushing her arm against one massive boob, compressing it, and sending it rippling in motion.

Pumpkin gulped. And stared. His wife was so deliciously soft. And smooth. And round. And curved. Luscious. Not the best time to be ogling, he reminded himself.

Honey quickly pulled her hand away, and turned her head away once more. "You see?" her voice wavered, tears returning. "You think I'm fat!"


"You liked me better when I was smaller. When I used to be thin. And now I'm just... I'm a cow! And I just keep getting bigger..."

"Honey..." Pumpkin stood up on his knees, inched close to his wife. Now eye to eye, he cupped a finger under her chin, and urged her to look at him. She did, and he felt relieved that she would at least give him a chance to explain. I better make this count. "You've never been more beautiful than you are now. And you keep getting more beautiful. Every day! You're so..." Pumpkin's train of thought suddenly started to waiver, thinking back to the curves of her breasts, their weight pressed against his back from before. Her thigh, so thick, soft, and heavy, draped over his leg. "You're amazing," he continued, his voice becoming quieter. "I've never wanted you more than I want you now."

Honey dried her eyes and looked at him hopefully. "Do you really mean that?"

"I do."

"You don't think I'm too fat? I mean, look at me..."

"You're... not really fat, though..." Pumpkin said seriously, scratching his head as if in thought. "I mean, yeah, you're filling out, but..." Honey looked puzzled, unsure of how she should take what he was saying. "I don't know. It's like... you don't... look... fat. Just... big. You're filling out, but you don't have any... I dunno, rolls. Or cellulite. You're just... curves. All curves. You're soft. And smooth. And... and..."

"Big?" Honey wasn't nearly as hurt now, but she was still a little unsure. The way her pumpkin was talking about her body, it was almost as if... She pulled her shoulders back, thrusting out her chest, and tilted her head in curiosity. "You... like me like this?"

Pumpkin swallowed hard. "Yes," he said, inching closer.

"You think I'm attractive?"

"Very much so," he answered, looking up into her eyes, deeply, lovingly. "But what about me? I'm so much smaller than you now. You couldn't possibly..."

Honey drooped her head off to the side, cheeks blushing.

"You do?" Pumpkin asked, amused.

"Kind of..." She smiled sheepishly, biting her lower lip. "I don't know, you're just so small... and cute..."

"I'm not... too small?"

"No..." she began slowly, before cracking a wicked grin. "Not yet, anyway. Besides... you get me going in other ways."

"So my being smaller than you's really that much of a turn-on, huh?"

"Well..." she started, sitting up on her knees and turning to face him fully. She rose up to her full height on her knees, and looked down at her comparatively smaller husband. Her hands were on her tantalizingly wide hips, and her chest was outthrust, twin globes hanging ponderously from her torso.

Pumpkin's eyes boggled, and his jaw went slack. Everything gets out in the open, and now her confidence soars. She's more into this than I thought she was. All he could do was stare. Stare at her big, beautiful tits. Suddenly he found his face pressed into them, Honey's arms wrapped around his body tightly, holding him close. He felt the soft warmth of her breasts, and her arms, all around him.

"Isn't it for you?" Honey finally asked. She continued to ease herself around him. She spread her legs, inched forward, wrapped her thick thighs around Pumpkin's waist. She squeezed him more tightly.

Pumpkin could only utter a muffled "oomf", and then a groan of compliance. Surrounded by her curves, her warmth. Surrounded by her. His manhood, which had softened during their heart-to-heart, returned in full, stiffening and sliding between Honey's silky soft legs.

"Oh..." she cooed into his ear, "I see it is. Oooh, pumpkin, I love you so much."

Pumpkin lifted his head up, looked up into his wife's eyes. "I love you too..."

Honey narrowed her eyes, cracked a grin. "Say it," she whispered. She squeezed him tighter when he didn't answer. "Say it," she repeated.

A moment's pause, and Pumpkin sighed his consent. "I love you, honey bunny."

Squealing in delight, Honey beamed, craned her neck down, and planted a deep, sensual kiss on her lover's lips, nearly enveloping his whole mouth in her lips. She then flashed him the sexiest grin she could muster, and pushed him backwards. Pumpkin landed on his butt, with his arms out behind him to hold himself up, wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Honey started moving forward. Her body was so big, so massive, looming over him. Imposing. Intimidating. Sexy as hell.

Right up next to him, with Pumpkin's bewildered face just inches from her the soft expanse of her tummy, breasts perched precariously over his head, she began to lower herself down, on top of him. He gasped when a silky hand found its way underneath her body, to guide his penis towards her waiting love tunnel. "S-seriously, though," he sputtered, trying desperately to keep his cool, "we really sh-shouldn't. I haven't huh-- had my pills... I-I ran ou-- oooohh..."

He slid into her easily - her lubrication and sheer size saw to that. He didn't fill her completely, not like he used to. But Honey didn't mind. Not at all. It made her feel in control. Almost powerful. It made her feel big. In essence, it turned her on. "Oh, pumpkin," she cooed down to her husband as she eased her weight upon him, settling her ass against his thighs, pressing him snugly into the bed. "You don't need your pills."

It was a unique thing to experience, being ****ed by a giantess. Hot, wet, silky, smooth - Honey would flex and then Pumpkin would feel his shaft being gently caressed by her inner folds. Amazing. And then the weight of her body on top of his. Heavy, but not enough to hurt him. Her ass was so soft, but still so firm. He felt her hands slide behind his back, and gently pull him forward. He wanted more, but still his conscious protested. "B-but you'll... I th-thought..."

"Shhhh." Once again, Pumpkin found himself with his head surrounded by the comforting warmth of her bosom. One big, strong hand held his head in its place, where he couldn't find the strength to find his own voice. Honey's other arm wrapped around his body, holding it tightly to hers. "It's okay, pumpkin. It's what you want. It's what we both want." And then she squeezed her thighs more tightly around his waist, and Pumpkin suddenly found himself being lifted off the bed. Honey moved her hand away from his head, slowly at first, as if testing him. To her satisfaction, he didn't try to pull his head away from its resting place between her breasts. She cupped his bottom - the span of her hand nearly covered his entire butt - and pressed him firmly against her pelvis, driving him deeper inside of her. Then she eased up on the pressure, and then drew him into her again. And again.

Is this what I want? Pumpkin asked himself. Do I really want to let this happen? But despite his uncertainties, he quickly found himself giving in, and began to thrust into her of his own will, wrapping his arms around her waist for support. His orgasm began to build rapidly. Too soon. Too soon, one half of his mind repeated, while the other half called for more. More. More!

"Just think about it, pumpkin," Honey spoke from above. "Think about me being bigger. Think about me holding you in my arms. About me holding you to my body. My big, soft body. Think about me growing, pumpkin."

He did just that. And then he came. He began to empty himself into her.

She flexed her inner muscles, as if to milk him for all he was worth. "Mmm, that's it. Let it all out. Let yourself go, pumpkin. Come for... ooohhh, yessss..." The heat of Pumpkin's seed quickly spread through her body, until it enveloped her completely. And then it grew, in places, in certain ways. Her muscles contracted, her body flexed, and she held Pumpkin ever more tightly to her body, grinding him into her as he rutted against her through his climax. She began to feel that familiar sensation of her bones growing, her skin stretching, her entire body swelling, becoming more dense, and heavier with each passing heartbeat. And it felt great, as it did every time. Better, even. Because now she wanted it, and she knew her Pumpkin wanted it. Honey's own climax began to steadily build.

As his orgasm waned, Pumpkin began to notice the changes taking place in Honey's body around him. She became heavier. And softer. Her thighs began to close around him more completely as her hips widened. His arms began to spread farther apart as her body grew in his grasp. And her breasts. His face began to slide down her cleavage as her breasts crept higher.

Then, just as her growth spurt began to wane, she climaxed, squeezing Pumpkin firmly enough to her body to compress the air from his lungs. She moaned sharply, holding back her voice so that she didn't wake the neighbors with cries of ecstasy.

With Honey's enormous, heavy breasts now basically resting atop his head rather than his shoulders, Pumpkin was able to turn his head to the side for some breathing room. She's so big now, echoed in his mind. She's huge, and she's mine. So soft. So... warm... He had just come down from the high of his orgasm. He was just starting to catch his breath. Thoughts of his gigantic wife holding him to her body, like she was now. Only she was bigger. No. Growing. He imagined what he must look like in her arms, with her swelling around him. And... amazingly, he could feel the tension re-building in his loins, steadily. So soon. Too soon. "H-Honey," he croaked.

"Oh, Pumpkin, that was wonderful. So, so wonderful. Just think about it. I don't mind anymore. I don't mind growing anymore, if it's for you. I'll grow for you, pumpkin, if that's what you want. In fact... I want to grow. I want to grow, so that I can hold you in my arms while it happens. I want to... Oh, pumpkin... Oh my..."

He was cumming. Again. Spurting deep within his giant wife, spurred on by the thoughts of her growing even larger. This isn't right. Too soon. Shouldn't be happening. Ooooohhh... And there was more than usual, his climax seeming to last a prolonged amount of time.

"You like that, do you? Sounds good, huh? Me growing bigger... My big, soft body wrapped around you, holding you tight... I know, pumpkin. I know. It'll be wonderful. Don't fight it. Don't... Oh, yyessss. Here it comes, pumpkin...! Mmmmm...!" Just as Pumpkin's climax began to die down, she felt him begin to shrink in her arms as her body swelled, feeding her own orgasm. Her hand on the back of his hand drifted lower, holding him steady against her stomach as she gained inches. She felt her breasts growing heavier as they swelled outwards, ever so slightly. Her thighs, her hips, her ass. Everything swelled, just a little. She felt her entire body growing heavier.

And so did Pumpkin. Honey's massive weight atop his body became more noticeable by the second, pressing into him more and more. But she wasn't hurting him. Her body, as heavy as it was, was still soft, and giving. And he was still inside of her, as rigid as ever. He might've been worried about that, if that part of his brain wasn't suppressed by his post-orgasmic haze or the incredibly erotic feeling of his wife's body atop his own.

"Mmm, does my little pumpkin have a thing for big girls? Oh, yes, I think he does. I think he likes his Honey as a big, sexy, heavy giantess."

The pressure began to build, miraculously, again. Pills. The idea clicked his mind in an instant, like an epiphany, a sudden realization. I need my pills. I've never gone without them for this long. He knew there would be 'effects' if he didn't take them. Honey was certainly growing; there was no doubt about that. But he'd never considered the possibility of there being any withdrawal symptoms. Too bad his pill supply had run out.

"He likes her growing heavier in his lap. Yes, he does. Her thighs surrounding him in their nice, soft warmth. I think he likes thinking about snuggling up against her big, soft boobs. As they grow. You can make them grow, pumpkin. You can make me grow... Oh... Ha-ha... Aha-haha, yesss..." Honey chuckled gleefully as she felt yet another hot blast of her little husband's seed within her.

"Sssomething's wrong... Something's... wrong... with me..." he managed to croak as his climax went on. On and on it went, seemingly never-ending, a perpetual release of a tension that didn't want to go away.

"Oh, I don't think so, pumpkin. You want me to grow. So you're making me grow. You're just... getting what you... mmm, want..." Honey's voice trailed off as yet another orgasm flooded her senses. It came much quicker than the last time, as Pumpkin's seed was becoming more potent without the chemical restraint of his medication. Once more she felt herself growing. Swelling. Stretching. Changing. Becoming more and more curvaceous, more voluptuous, more feminine. And utterly, amazingly, big. Bigger yet in Pumpkin's arms, she was becoming more and more his goddess, more and more his entire world.

Honey continued to hold Pumpkin's tiny - to her, at least - body to her own, cradling his head against her stomach, even after her climax faded. She rocked, ever so slightly, back and forth, humming a soft, wordless tune.

Pumpkin reveled under his wife's hold. Her thick, luscious thighs encircled him completely, comfortably. Her ass rested mightily, soft and pliant, atop his legs, bathing them in her warmth. Her soft, silky hands hugged him lovingly to her stomach, his head resting just inches above her navel, her waist so wide he couldn't even reach around to her back anymore. Her stomach was, amazingly, still flat, but gained a certain softness to it that he found oddly comfortable to snuggle up against. He could just feel the love emanating from her body.

And then he was suddenly lifted, rising into the air with such ease that it left him momentarily dumbstruck, and disoriented. Honey adjusted herself, laid herself down, and then laid Pumpkin next her. He was on his back, but in her arms, held tightly to her body, like a teddy bear. That's what he felt like, at any rate. Trapped in her full-body embrace, he felt nothing but warmth. His legs were wedged firmly between her thighs, which were curled into a semi-fetal position so that she could fit on the bed. Her breasts, those enormous, pillowy masses, served just that purpose, his cheeks nuzzled tenderly against the warm, creamy flesh. One giant arm, thicker and longer than his legs, draped firmly over his torso, and, with nowhere else to put his arms, he hugged it to his body, in the same way that she was hugging him. Doesn't seem like she's letting me up any time soon, he reasoned. May as well get comfortable.

With a great, big, satisfied sigh, Honey deflated, letting her body settle and her muscles relax. She leaned her head forward and planted a soft, tender kiss on her little lover's forehead. "Mmm, my little pumpkin," she cooed playfully, giving him one last little squeeze. "All this time I was so worried you'd never want me again. And come to find out you were just holding back on me. Or, maybe..." she drawled, sliding her fingers teasingly down his stomach, towards his - still - stiff manhood. "Maybe I just found a button to push. One that'll set you off whenever I want it..." His meat in her hand pulsed, twitched, and she immediately withdrew, returning to wrap her arm around his body. "Mmm, yesssss. But as much as I'd love to see just how much you've got in you... I'm so tired." Her voice was becoming softer, more comforting and quieting to Pumpkin's ears. "And you need your rest. Because... I'm planning on pushing that button again tomorrow. We're gonna have so much fun together... Yes, we are." She sighed once more, consenting herself to sleep. "Goodnight, pumpkin."

"Goodnight, honey bunny." 'Fun'. The word echoed in his mind. He had no doubt tomorrow would be fun. It would be a lot of things. At any rate, tomorrow will certainly be interesting.

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This is a lactation-induced-SM story, which means that there's breastfeeding involved. Inspired mostly by the works of Greapos, and partly by Stewy's, so this one is in the same vein. If you don't like SM stories (I know some people on this forum don't), then don't read it; it's that simple.

Also contains a bit of sex-fueled BE.



By Jack Vigilante

My heart pounded in my chest as I ran through the house. Frantic. Panicking.

Where is she?! She's supposed to be here! Why did she leave!? They were odd thoughts to be thinking, considering how greatly I'd been striving to prove that I didn't need to be so dependent on her. Her sudden absence was having an unexpected effect on me.

"Ashley? Ashley?" I called, running from room to room. No answer. I didn't get it. With all the attention she'd been giving me, I fully expected her to be sitting right there beside the bed when I woke up. I certainly didn't expect her to be missing entirely!

It wasn't long before I had to stop. My little legs had carried me quite a distance in a short amount of time, and, quite frankly, I was tired.

Panting, my lungs burning, I backed up against whatever tall surface happened to be right behind me. I felt fabric. Confused, I turned around, and saw the arm of our living room couch. And it was even with the top of my head. With the distraction of my MIA caretaker, I hadn't noticed how huge everything had gotten. My eyes boggled at my surroundings. The entire living room looked as large as a ballroom, the ceiling as high as a warehouse.

Suddenly I felt small. And weak. And alone.

Right on cue, I heard the deadbolt turning in the front door. I stepped closer to the front door as it opened. And then there, her silhouette framed by the bright sunlight, looking like the goddess she was, was my wife. After dropping a handful of big shopping bags onto the floor, she kicked the door shut behind her.

I ran to her, wrapping my arms around her massive thighs, hugging her tightly to me. I was so small that my eye level was only about halfway up her thighs, and the hem of her denim shorts was higher than that. My head was surrounded by warm, soft flesh. And what lies just above that? I could smell her arousal creeping down upon me.

"Oh, sweety...!" she cooed. Her tender hands embraced the back of my head, pressing me into her. "I'm here now. I'm here, baby."

I looked up to meet her face, but I couldn't quite see past the mountainous swells of her chest, so high above me. Being so close to her made me feel even smaller. Her hips were much wider than my shoulders. Her thighs were thicker than my waist. And I could only imagine how massive her breasts would look up close. I felt myself getting hard, and I cursed myself for staying so close to her for so long. I knew that if she got the chance she wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of my growing arousal, and do something that would belittle me even further.

She seemed to have a sixth sense now about what I was feeling. The very moment I realized that her size was starting to turn me on, she seemed to pick up on it. She backed away slightly, and began to kneel down to me. My mind became clouded as she lowered herself down, her massive form looming closer to me. I was dumbfounded, speechless as she sat there on her knees before me, placing her hands gently on my shoulders as she, for lack of a better phrase, sized me up.

I won't lie and say that I was able to look her in the eye. I couldn't. Not with those wonderful things sitting right in front of my face. She was wearing a form-fitting button-down blouse. It was white, and slightly sheer, so I could clearly see the outline of an enormous black bra underneath. Ashley's breasts had grown to a size that would've been enormous by any standards. But to my reduced stature, their size was something I could hardly comprehend. Each was much, much larger than my head, so I could just imagine what they'd be like if I got my hands on them. To top it all off, her top buttons were open, displaying a mouth-watering amount of creamy cleavage. Deep and dark... Inviting...

"Oh, my god, look at you...!" she whispered, snapping me out of my reverie. I looked up to meet her face. Her eyes were big and brown, wide with wonderment. Her lips were curled into a slight smile. "You're so small..." She sounded less confused than she did excited, which made me feel more than a little uneasy.

"You left me..." I blurted. Of course, one of the last things I wanted was to say anything that would make me seem even more pathetic. But lately I didn't seem to have much control over myself.

To my dismay, Ashley's expression immediately changed to one of bemused compassion. "Aw, sweety..." she consoled me, "I'm so sorry..."

Then she hugged my little body to her. Her embrace was firm; I couldn't have gotten free from her even If I tried. At the same time, her body was so soft and warm... I felt like I could stay like that with her forever. And then she pressed my head to her chest. My face was now pressed into her cleavage, her warm, soft flesh enveloping my senses. I could hear her heartbeat. And I could smell that familiar aroma... I could feel my heart begin to beat faster, and I'm sure she felt it too.

"You're not supposed to leave me alone," I continued, blubbering into her cleavage, trying to shake off the arousing signals her body was sending me.

"I'm sorry, baby. Really, I am." She began to stroke my hair.

With my head nestled against her bosom, her voice resonated deeply in my ears, comforting me and setting me at ease, making me forget whatever it was that I was upset about.

"You were sleeping so soundly - and you looked sooo cute - I just couldn't bear to wake you up. But I had to go out, honey. I've put on so much weight lately that all my clothes were getting too tight. And you've gotten so small... I had to get some new things for you too. Some smaller things, just in case..."

I pulled my head up from her chest when I heard that part, and looked her in the eyes. Something about it didn't sound right to me. "You... You're... We're... going to see the doctor soon... right? Like you promised?"

Her expression suddenly became serious. Tender still, and still loving, but I knew that she was about to give me some bad news. "I'm sorry, sweety. But I'm not taking us to the doctor's."

"Wh-what?! But...! But we have to... W-we have to find out why--"

"Shh, shhhh," she hushed me, stroking the back of head. Despite her betrayal, she was still loving as ever. "It's going to be okay, honey. I'm going to take such good care of you. I promise, I'll never let anything bad happen to you, ever."

"But you promised we'd go! Y-you said if we had some fun first, if we exp-p-perimented a little, we'd try to fix--"

"Shhh, shh, shhhh. I know, baby, I know. It's okay." She pressed my head back against her chest. I was so upset at the moment that I didn't fight it. She held me tightly to her, cooing me and coddling me. "Come on, sweety. Let's get you settled down, hmm?" She wrapped her arms around me, one of them under my butt to hold me steady, and then lifted me as she stood up. "Oh, you're so light!" she whispered under breath, loud enough for me to hear.

I wrapped my arms around her for support as we walked. Even through her shirt and bra, her giant boobs felt nice against my entire torso. It was a short walk to the living room couch. She sat down on the middle cushion, and I sat sideways on her lap. My body pressed firmly against the side of her tit, my head only high enough for me to see over the top of them.

Ashley continued to hug me to her. She hummed to me softly; her voice sounded angelic, and comforting, almost hypnotizing. My wife was quickly learning how to control me now. I think that's what really scared me. I had no control over myself. It was all her. Even now, the way she held me tightly to her chest, she knew how this affected me. She knew that, deep down, I was getting off on the whole thing. And that was what she wanted. "See, baby? Isn't this nice?" she cooed, wrapping her arms more tightly around me and squeezing me to her.

Suddenly my face was plastered against her boob, and all I could do was breathe in its aroma. That intoxicating scent that grew stronger by the day. My loins were suddenly burning, my sweatpants becoming much too restricting (children's clothing simply isn't designed to accommodate the same bulk that an adult man would have between the legs). I found one of my hands drifting up to meet the round fleshly surface. I caressed the soft, smooth flesh through her shirt and bra, letting my little fingers sink into it.

"Mmmm..." I heard my wife coo above me. "That does feel nice, doesn't it?" Instinctively I pulled my hand away, but she placed hers over top of it and forced it back against her flesh, encouraging me to feel her up as I had been. "No, baby, you go right ahead. Feel my great, big tits. Here, let me make it easier for you."

All at once, she released her grip on me, and shifted me over so that I was sitting on the couch beside her. She turned to face me, and began unbuttoning her shirt. Slowly, teasingly, she undid her buttons one by one. But she kept her shirt closed, forcing me to wait with bated breath before I could see her mountainous assets. Then, finally, when the last button was undone, she pulled back her shirt, and shook it off her shoulders, causing her tits to wobble within her bra.

"Do you like them, baby?" It was a rhetorical question; she knew I was fixated on them. "Don't you love them? Don't you just want to hold them in your hands? Feel how warm and soft they are? Nuzzle up against them? Hm?"

I certainly did. The problem was that I knew what would happen if I gave in to my... urges...

"They're bigger, you know," she continued. "I had to buy a new bra, they're getting so big. This one's special, baby. I bought it just for you," she said, pointing to where the cups met in front. She pointed to a clasp; this bra unhooked in the front. "I bought it for you, so that whenever you want them, baby, you can get to them yourself. Doesn't that sound nice? Hm?" She raked her fingers through my hair as I looked up at her. And all that sweet-talk made me feel insignificant. I hated what she was doing to me. But, so help me, it was such a turn-on. "Would you like to try it now? Would you like to see them?"

I could only nod meekly in response.

"Okay, baby. Come and get them." With that, she leaned forward towards me, presenting the hook for me to undo myself.

With shaking hands I tentatively reached forward. Unsure of myself, really, but I couldn't stop myself. The hook was hard to undo, I quickly found out. Her bra was big, and her breasts were heavy, which meant I would need a little strength if I wanted to get the hooks apart from each other. And I was much weaker than I used to be. When I couldn't release the hook right away, I quickly began to work at it harder, almost desperate to release her bountiful breasts from their confines.

When I finally did it, her bra practically flew open. The cups fell to Ashley's sides, and her giant boobs bounced free. "Oh, that feels so much better, sweety," she sang, praising me for my efforts. She quickly sat up straight, and slid her bra straps off her shoulders, and tossed both her shirt and bra aside. Then without a moment's hesitation, she snatched me up and sat me back on her lap.

Immediately my hands migrated to my wife's bare breasts, and I proceeded to caress them, fondle them, kneed them. I sunk my fingers into her flesh. I palmed her nipples and felt them thicken beneath my hand. I twisted myself so that I was facing them straight on, and I could use both hands now. I pressed them together with both hands, feeling how big and heavy they were to me now. I realized how much they absolutely dwarfed my hands, like I was massaging a pair of beach balls.

Ashley hugged me to her again. And I hugged back, wrapping my arms as best I could around her chest. I let my head rest against her bosom, and her hand returned, gently petting me and stroking my hair like a loved child.

And then there it was again. That intoxicating aroma. With her shirt and bra out of the way now it was even stronger than before.

I suddenly realized how hungry I was. I hadn't had my breakfast yet. And, right on cue, my stomach let out a low, long rumble.

I knew Ashley heard it, because I could feel her heart begin to beat faster, and her chest began to rise and fall at a faster pace. But she continued to stroke my hair and my back with the same slow, tender pace, belying her true excitement.

"Are you hungry, baby?" she finally asked. Her voice was low, and soft. "You want them, don't you...?"

I remained silent. I knew there was nothing I could do now. There was no way I could resist.

She twisted me so that I was sitting sideways again. She cradled me in her arms, nuzzling her breast up against my cheek. "I know you do, baby. I know you do. So tell me... Tell me you want them." I shuddered when she placed her hand firmly on my crotch. "Go ahead," she continued. "Tell me." She began sliding the heel of her palm up and down against my length.

"Yess..." I croaked.

"And you know what will happen?" My **** was lying flat against my abdomen now, fully hard. The head was peeking out from the top of my pants.


"It excites you, doesn't it, baby..."

She continued masturbating me through my pants, and I couldn't help but buck slightly against her hand. I felt weak, and pathetic.

"Yesss, I can tell it does. You like being small, don't you? Like a little baby in my arms. It makes you feel good, snuggling up against my big, soft body. Isn't that right? Being so small in my arms makes you feel good, doesn't it? Hmm?"

Her hand briefly slowed, almost to a full stop. I thrusted into her hand, trying to urge her to continue, but she refused. "Yesss," I finally hissed. And she resumed her ministrations.

"And you want to be even smaller. Right, baby? You want to shrink even more. Don't you...?"

I didn't answer her. Even when she stopped again, and wouldn't let me cum, I didn't want to admit what, deep down, I knew was true.

"I want to hear you say it, sweety."


"Go on, you can do it. It's okay, I'm here for you. I'll always be here for you. Tell me what you want..."

"I... I want to be smaller."

I looked up to meet her gaze, and saw the biggest, sexiest, most devilish smile I'd ever seen on her gorgeous face. "Okay, baby," she cooed down to me. And then she lowered me down, closer to her teats. Right on cue, my stomach growled, much louder and stronger than before. My hunger pains were so great now that I forgot my needs elsewhere. I felt her nipple brush my cheek, and I instinctively began mouthing around, searching for that which would ease my pain. Finally I latched on, and began suckling. "Oh, baby, that's it. It's coming, sweety. You'll feel so much better soon."

Sure enough, several seconds later I was rewarded with a spurt of warm, sweet nectar. Soon Ashley's milk was flowing freely, and I took it down by the mouthful. I drank the stuff feverishly, desperately trying to ease the pangs of hunger in my stomach.

Ashley, for her part, urged me on by cradling me to her chest. My legs from the knees down were draped over her one arm by her side, and her other breast rested heavily on my stomach. She supported my head with her hand, lightly running her fingers through my hair.

My wife's milk was unlike anything I had ever tasted before, and it only got better with each time I drank from her. Her milk was thick, and creamy, and sweet. It settled warmly in my stomach, and eased away all the pain, discomfort, and sadness I was feeling at the time.

And then, as I drank from my wife's teat and became lost in the eroticism of the moment, I felt an odd - though all too familiar - sensation course through my entire body. It wasn't unpleasant. On the contrary, it felt pretty good. Great, even. Like every inch of my body was in the midst of a deep, sensual massage. And then I felt myself getting hard again. It may have been the nice, warm feelings, or it may have been the fact that I was getting off on drinking from my wife's giant tits.

Whatever the case, I felt my erection begin to build once more. Only this time, my pants weren't getting very restrictive. In fact, my **** seemed to have plenty of room to grow. All at once, everything seemed to shift around me. My shirt and my pants became a little baggier. Ashley's arms seemed to slide a little beneath me, and she kept readjusting her hold on me. Her fingers began to draw larger circles in my hair. My knees didn't quite reach her arm anymore, so my legs began to straighten out. I even felt her other breast begin to slide lower down my body, away from my stomach, closer to my legs. I reached up with my free hand to the breast I was suckling on. I felt its soft roundness beneath my fingers, running my hand all around, up into her cleavage, getting a feel for its size and shape. Sure enough, it seemed to be growing.

I knew I was shrinking, little by little. I simply kept my eyes shut and let it happen. There was nothing I could do about it anyway. All I could do was lay back and enjoy the warm, cozy, erotic feelings coursing through my body.

At some point Ashley had decided that I'd drunk enough from this tit. So she pulled me away and proceeded to rotate me so that I was positioned beneath her other breast. I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to know just yet how small I was getting.

Quickly enough, her other nipple was making its way to my mouth, and I greedily accepted it. She had already let her milk down, so it immediately flowed freely into my mouth and down my throat.

I continued to drink in my wife's wonderful, life-sustaining nectar as I dwindled in her arms. She hummed a soft, motherly tune above me that I barely heard, though it was there, in the back of my head.

Finally, after some time, I felt full and content. Though I stopped suckling, Ashley continued to hold me in her arms, nuzzled against her body. For a while I just laid there, stroking her breast, and giving it soft, worshipful kisses.

Eventually I looked up to meet her gaze, and found her, so far above me, watching me intently with a big, adoring smile. Her face was so big, and with a glowing beauty that I found myself getting lost in. "You are so cute," she sang to me from above. "So adorable."

With those words she gave me an extra little squeeze against her breasts. I could feel my legs, and more notably my feet, pressing against them as she did this. I looked down the length of my body, and to my utter surprise, I saw that my feet didn't even clear her other breast! My mind reeled at the revelation that I'd just shrunk to almost half my previous size. I'd just shrunk more than I had ever before. And as a result, I was now, quite literally, the size of a newborn, no taller than my wife's tits were wide.

And how did I feel about that? I felt condemned. I felt weak. And helpless. I felt tiny. I looked back up at my wife. She was gargantuan. She was a goddess to me now, her body so big and soft. I was beyond all hope now; my life was now completely and utterly dependent on my gigantic wife.

But most importantly, I felt so turned on I couldn't think straight. Though my pants and underwear were no longer constrictive, I still felt a great need for release. Ashley, of course, sensed this too, and brushed her palm lightly across my hardness through my loose clothing. I sighed, and eased my hips into her.

"It's okay, sweety. Let's get that taken care of, hm?" she said. Then she proceeded to pull off my shirt, which felt more like a sack draped over my body, and then my sweatpants, which my legs had become utterly lost in. Then, as she lifted me up and went to lay me down on the couch beside her, my formerly tiny pair of children's underwear simply fell away.

As I laid there on my back, Ashley loomed above me. Then she lowered herself down on top of me. She dragged her giants boobs up from my feet, up my body, smothering me in their warmth. She planted a wet but tender kiss on my face, practically engulfing it with her enormous lips. As she did this, she pressed my length against my stomach with her hand, which was large enough to cover my entire torso. And then she kissed my neck. And then my chest. She worked her way down until her lips brushed against my my penis.

And then, she slid my entire length inside her mouth. Her mouth was hot, and wet, and cavernous. I could only imagine how small my tiny prick felt inside her mouth. Insignificant to her, maybe. But to me, the feeling was otherworldly. As she sucked me off, she didn't even have to move her mouth up and down. Instead she kept puckering her lips against the base of my shaft, while her tongue did the rest of the work. I shook and cried when I came. And Ashley lapped it up greedily, savoring every drop I had to offer. To me, it seemed like I was spewing pints, though I knew it could only be a fraction of what a full-sized man would produce.

"Mmmmmm," Ashley moaned in approval. She then scooped me up in her arms, and laid down beside me, hugging me tightly to her. "Mmmmm!" she moaned again, this time as a pleasurable warmth she'd previously described to me washed over her body. I felt her breasts, her arms, and even her stomach, suddenly become very warm to the touch. And then her boobs seemed to pulse against me. They gained mass, and swelled, no doubt filling with more milk for me to drink for when I became hungry again. Her arms thickened too, just a little, and her stomach even softened just a tad, adding to the soft, round shape her body had taken recently. And I'm sure - I knew - her thighs had also thickened, and her ass filled out more. "Ooohhh!" she sighed as the heat radiating from her body dissipated. "That was so good, baby. Sooo good..."

She continued to hold me for a long while as I laid curled up against her breasts. Her bigger breasts. It was nice, I had to admit, the feeling of her silky smooth breast flesh against my body. And the smell of her milk... It was a pleasant aroma, to say the least. With my cheek nuzzled against her breast, I used the only hand I could move to caress her flesh.

Ashley leaned forward, and gave me a tender kiss on the forehead. "I love you so much, sweety. So, so much. I'm going to take such good care of you. Everything is going to be just fine from now on. You'll see, baby. You'll see."

Lying there, in the arms of my wife, I felt the worries of my old life wash away. Because that's what it was; it was my old life. This was my new one. However ****ed up my mind may have gotten, it didn't matter. What mattered was that Ashley, the woman I fell in love with and decided to spend my life with, told me that things were going to be fine. And I took comfort in that.



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This one is a SW story. It contains some girl-on-girl action, so the size difference between the two women means that the "mini-gts" content still applies. Also includes some lactation. If it doesn't sound like you'd enjoy this story, then don't read it.

For everyone else, enjoy.

EDIT: It was too long, so I had to split it into two posts.


"The Caretaker"
By Jack Vigilante

Amanda stumbled into her apartment, slamming the door behind her. Tears streamed down her cheeks from a mixture of harsh emotions. Anger, sadness, frustration, hopelessness. She blew through the tiny living room of her apartment, bounding towards her bedroom door.

Tara, her roommate, emerged from her own bedroom, worried about her friend. "Mandy? Why're you home so early? What's wrong?"

She didn't answer, didn't even look at her. Instead she ran into her bedroom, and tried to slam the door behind her.

"Hey!" Tara protested, catching the door before it shut. She followed the irate brunette into the room, caring more about her friend's well-being than her permission for entering.

Amanda had every intention of jumping straight into bed and crying herself to sleep. But she couldn't do that now, not with her friend there. Instead, she wiped the tears from her eyes, trying to preserve her pride, and did her best to seem like she could handle herself. She slammed her books onto her desk, dropped her purse on the floor, took her jacket off and threw it into her closet, basically tried to make herself look busy in general. She made an attempt to let her anger take over more than anything else.

Tara didn't buy it. She grabbed the shorter woman by the shoulders as she stomped by, intending to snap her out of her rage. "Knock it off! Tell me what happened!"

Amanda looked up into her friend's eyes, face flushed with anger, ready to tell her to **** off. But she couldn't. The look in Tara's eyes, that sincere, worried, heartbroken look... Amanda broke down and started sobbing.

Tara reacted, hugging her friend tightly. "Hey, hey, hey..." she said softly. "Come on, let's sit down, hm?" She guided the distraught brunette to her bed, and they sat down together. Tara continued to hold Amanda to her, comforting her, rubbing her shoulders, petting the back of her head as she held it to her chest. "Now..." she said, slowly, a caring tone filling her musical voice, "Why don't you tell me what happened, okay? Take your time..."

Amanda consented. Through broken sobs, her voice muffled against Tara's chest, she related the events of the day to the buxom blonde. There were parts Tara already knew. Namely, Amanda's life-long streak of terrible luck. Her parents died when she was little, and she'd basically been supporting herself ever since - now, supporting herself and paying her own way through college. Things were going okay, but today had shown her a pretty bad turn of events.

First, a fellow student had attempted to cheat off of her paper during an exam. Amanda noticed, and promptly shot him a look just as he had turned his head away. The professor noticed that, and assumed she was the one who was cheating. So, he tore up her exam in front of the entire class. An hour later she found herself in the office of the Dean of Students, who explained, pending an investigation of her academic records, she would be placed on academic probation, if not expelled altogether (the school was apparently very strict on cheating).

As if that wasn't bad enough, she arrived at work, ready to request the night off, to find her boss waiting to fire her for lifting money from her register. It wasn't her doing, of course, but since she was the last one to sign off on the register the day before, it was currently on her head. And because it was such a large sum of money, in the upper hundreds, he declared that, on top of her employment being terminated, he would also be pressing charges if the money wasn't returned in a timely manner. After that incident, she ran straight home.

All the while Amanda was recanting her story, she was dimly aware that her cheek was more or less plastered against the outer swell of Tara's breast. Normally she would've felt uncomfortable with such close contact to her roommate. Several days earlier, Tara had, quite literally, confessed her love for the brunette. Amanda had known for some time that Tara was a lesbian, but this new development had been a shock nonetheless. She agreed to stay roommates because of their developing friendship, but she still found herself wary of her friend's feelings towards her. At the moment, however, Amanda was far too upset to worry about this little bit of physical contact being anything more than one friend trying to comfort another. Besides, it felt kind of nice... and it was comforting...

"Oh, Mandy... I'm so sorry..." Tara whispered into her friend's ear.

"I just... Things are so... How can it get any worse...?" she mumbled between sobs. She could barely talk; the tears flowed freely, and her nose was so runny she could hardly breath.

"Shh... Shhhh..." Tara wrapped her arms into a deeper hug, still holding her head firmly to her breast. She began rocking back and forth, trying to calm her friend down.

It was working. Amanda's breathing eventually began calmer, and her tears dried up. She tried to return the hug, reaching around back with one arm, while reaching forward with the other to wrap around the front. But she was in an awkward position, and she couldn't quite reach. Her hand landed squarely on the side of Tara's other boob, who immediately clamped her arm down to hold that hand in place. Amanda didn't notice, though. She was lost in a world of sadness and the desire for comfort and peace. She opened her eyes and happened to see that Tara's shirt was unbuttoned, allowing for a nice display of dark, creamy cleavage. But in her current state of mind, that's not how Amanda saw it; the space between her friend's breasts looked to her like a nice, dark, warm hole that she could crawl up into...

"That's it, honey," Tara's voice continued from above. It was soft, and caring, and utterly comforting and quieting to Amanda's ears. The brunette found herself getting lost in the soothing melodies of her dear friend's voice. "There we go. Shhhh... Things'll get better, sweety, I promise."

Amanda was gone, living in the taller girl's warm embrace. She couldn't remember ever being held in the arms of someone who actually cared about her. She didn't even realize what was happening when Tara began to undo a few more buttons, and gently pull the fold of her blouse away from her breast.

Amanda's cheek was now nuzzled against the bare skin of Tara's breast. It was warm, and soft. Almost maternal. The brunette rubbed her cheek gently against the silky smooth surface, wiping her dried tears away.

"Aw, Mandy..." Tara cooed, gently wiping away the tears on her friend's other cheek. "See? Isn't that nice?" She continued to stroke Amanda's hair, encouraging her to slip deeper into an almost hypnotic state. Slowly, so as not to jar her captivated roommate into awareness, she unhooked her bra (a front hook), and gently lowered it, letting it slide off her chest. Amanda's hand, still planted firmly on the blonde's other breast, proceeded to caress the bare flesh, much to Tara's delight. "Mmm, that's it, sweety. Doesn't that feel nice?" she asked softly, holding Amanda close to her bosom. "I know, honey. I know what'll make you feel all better. What'll wash away all that sadness you're feeling. Would you like that, Mandy? Hm?"

The vibration in Tara's chest as she spoke reverberated into Amanda's ears, her musical voice resonating in the back of her mind. The warmth just seemed to... flow from her body, piercing the broken-hearted woman to the core, easing her pain. She wanted more. She wanted the bad feelings to go away. She wanted to feel good again. "Mm-hm," she mumbled weakly.

She felt Tara begin to guide her downward, lower against her tit. She felt something thick and hard brush against her cheek. Instinctively she began searching for it, mouthing at the soft flesh of Tara's breast. Whatever it was, whatever this thing was that had brushed her cheek, Amanda felt like she needed it. It was important to her. It would ease her pain and suffering. If only she could find it. There. There it was. It was at her lips. She began to kiss at it lightly, making gentle sucking motions at it. Why, she didn't know; it just felt natural to her.

"Yessss..." Tara hissed from above. "Just like that. Keep doing that, baby, it'll come. Soon, baby, soon." Tara looked down at her hypnotized roommate, this woman whom she loved more dearly than anything else. She concentrated, feeling the warmth flooding into her breasts.

A single drop of warm, sweet liquid permeated Amanda's lips. She automatically swirled it around her tongue, letting its heavenly flavor caress her taste buds. She suckled again, and was rewarded with more this time. Sweet, sweet nectar. She suckled a few more times, until her mouth was flooded with the creamy substance. She swallowed, letting it slide down her throat. It her coated her stomach, filling her with warmth, and comfort. She felt relaxed.

A smile formed on Tara's face as she watched her roommate nurse from her breast. The look of content on her face. The little sucking motions her mouth was making. She was just so... cute! Tara let her milk flow a little more freely, watching with satisfaction as Amanda began to drink more greedily. Satisfaction because, not only was she happy that her friend wasn't so upset anymore, but, let's face it, it felt good. The feeling of her milk actually being gently sucked from her tit, coupled with Amanda's idle fondling of her other breast (which also had the effect of several little droplets forming around that nipple) - well, needless to say, Tara's panties were getting a little damp.

In the meantime, Amanda was receiving some strange signals herself. The warmth in her stomach had spread, radiating outwards to the rest of her body. She felt as if she was being wrapped in a warm blanket. It was an odd feeling - good, to say the least, but still foreign. It made her feel weird. Even her clothes seemed to shift and sit oddly on her frame. But still, it felt good. She wanted more. So she kept drinking.

Tara continued to watch, first in adoration, and then in fascination as Amanda began to shrink into her clothing. It was amazing, really, just to see her... dwindle away. She was so innocent looking, so adorable. That ache that had been building was reaching a high point, and was becoming difficult to ignore. She bit her lip, and stealthily slipped a hand down the front of her jeans. She began to play with her clit, occasionally slipping a finger or two between her netherlips.

With that little bit of relief, she was able to concentrate more on Amanda, who continued to shrink. Her head, which had been bent at an odd angle, began to tilt upward. Her arms could no longer reach as far around, or across, so she resigned herself to holding onto the breast she was suckling at. Just like an infant to her mother, Tara noted with glee.

It wasn't long before the little brunette was getting small enough that she was having difficulty finding the right position to get at the taller blonde's nourishing breast. And she was practically swimming in her clothes. Taking action, Tara scooped up her diminutive friend in her arms, letting her pants and panties slide right off. Her shirt came right off, too, leaving a dazed and confused Amanda lying naked in her friend's arms.

Given the opportunity to get herself more comfortable, Tara scooted up onto the bed. The sudden movements jostled the startled the smaller woman. Amanda opened her eyes groggily, trying to make sense of what was happening, even in her foggy state of mind. "It's okay, it's okay," the blonde quickly whispered. "There's still more. Theeeerree, isn't that more comfortable?" she asked, with the smaller woman sitting in her lap.

Amanda looked to her friend's breast, hanging right in front of her. Her mouth was perfectly level with Tara's nipple, just inches away, ready to have a hungry set of lips wrap around them, ready to be suckled greedily. The brunette placed a dainty little hand on the side of the massive tit, and licked her lips at the sight of the few pearly white drops that still adorned the fleshy protuberances.

"Go on, sweety," Tara ushered softly from above.

Amanda looked up, into the eyes of her caretaker. Her big, beautiful, sparkling blue eyes. And her smile. Such a warm, loving smile, beaming down at her. There was a nagging thought in the back of her mind. There was something wrong with what she wanted, with what her friend was encouraging her to do.

Something snapped, and Amanda's eyes went wide. Panicked, she jumped away, stumbling backwards across the bed to put some distance between herself and the other woman. "What-- What are you doing! What am I doing! Oh god... what did I do!?"

Tara's expression was a mixture of things - love, concern, rejection, uncertainty. But it was mostly fear. Fear that she may have made a mistake. Fear at how angry Amanda was with her. Fear at what this ultimately may mean for their relationship. But there was no regret.

"How-- How could you! I thought we were..." Her voice trailed off as that other weird thing about her situation came to light. Amanda was looking up to meet Tara's gaze. And she was standing. Standing on the bed was one thing, but the fact that her roommate was still a full head taller, when she was merely sitting... "What... the ****...?"


Amanda looked down at herself, at her surroundings at the massive figure before her. "How is this...? What... are you...?" She began to shake, immediately fearful of the situation. But her anger quickly took over once more. "What the ****! You ****ing shrunk me?!"

"Mandy, please--"

"What is this?! Some kind of sick ****ing fantasy!? Turn me into your ****ing sex toy?!"

Tara was getting upset now. She hated seeing her friend like this, let alone having her rage being directed squarely at her. But the accusation that she would actually try to use her friend like that... Her eyes were beginning to water, and she was having trouble breathing. "No! That's not it! Please! Just let me--"

"You expect just because you tell me you love me I'm supposed to buy into your sick ****ing games!? Well, **** you! I'm not your ****ing plaything! You can't just--"

"Stop it!" Tears streaming down her cheeks, Tara slammed her fists into the mattress, knocking the smaller woman off her feet. She sniffed heavily, trying to catch her breath. "I was trying to help you," she said weakly, looking down shamefully into her lap.


Tara ignored the quip, and continued on, still unable to look her would-be lover in the eye. "You're always talking about how your whole life you've never had anyone there for you. Never had parents to take care of you. Never had someone to fall back on. And then you came home today--"

"I don't need any help. I can take care of myself. And what does that even have to do with--"

"Mandy, please. I just... I just wanted to show you what it's like... I wanted you to feel... like you didn't have to worry anymore. What it would feel like if you could... just... lay back and let somebody else take care of you." She looked up to her friend, and, seeing that, though she was still cross, she wasn't quite as furious, she continued on, this time keeping eye contact. "I do love you, Mandy. I hated seeing you so upset. It hurt me to see you like that; it really did. And... And I just wanted to make you feel better. I know, it was a stupid thing to do. I wish I hadn't done it." Once more, the regretful blonde dropped her gaze in shame.

"And you thought," she swallowed, hesitant to actually say it out loud, "breastfeeding me... would make me feel better?" At this point, Amanda could see that Tara was legitimately sorry, so she decided to let her anger slide for the moment and focus on her roommate's motives.

"Well... you did seem to be enjoying yourself..."

Amanda's immediate reaction to this statement was an urge to lash out at the blonde with a string of how-dare-you's and accusations of being a perverted freak. But she caught herself before any harsh words escaped her lips. The truth was, now that she thought about it, that she did enjoy it, regardless of how 'out of it' she was at the time. But why did she enjoy it? She wasn't a lesbian, not even bi-curious. So then... why?

After some time, she sat down on the bed, cross-legged, fiddling her hands in her lap. "I guess..." she began to say, much calmer now than before. "I guess I never really had anyone... I could be so dependent on. I guess when you... fed me, I felt like... like I could just give myself up, and... I don't know, I guess I've never had that before."

For the next several minutes, both girls sat in awkward silence - Tara, too ashamed to say anything, and Amanda, too confused.

Amanda had known her friend long enough to know what she was really like on the inside. The bubbly, blue-eyed, blonde bombshell was just a façade. Amanda knew that, in reality, Tara was actually an incredibly sharp woman in terms of knowing what another person is thinking and feeling. She was very empathetic, and always had the best of intentions. But everyone makes mistakes, or bad judgment calls, every now and then, don't they? But... was that really what this was? A mistake?

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After a long, uncomfortable silence, Amanda had finally made up her mind to break it. She stood up, and walked toward the larger woman - confident at first, but gradually becoming more impressed by the blonde's sheer size. It was when she had to start tilting her face upwards to see her friend's face as she got closer that she began to feel... excited?

She shook her head, trying to ignore the weird feeling. Tara was still upset, and still reluctant to look Amanda in the eye, so the brunette stepped forward, between the blonde's legs. With the smaller woman just inches from her face, Tara had lifted her head and sat straight up, looking down at her friend with curiosity plastered all over her face. That's when Amanda quickly reached up with both arms and wrapped them around Tara's neck, pulling herself upwards into a reassuring embrace.

At first, Tara didn't know what to make of the tiny woman standing on her tiptoes to give her a hug. She had been furious with just minutes ago, and now...? After a moment of remaining stiff as a board, not knowing what to do, Tara finally returned the embrace. She wrapped her arms around the brunette, in such a way that she hoped it didn't seem like she was being more than friendly. She smiled to herself when she immediately felt Amanda's hold around her neck tighten.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you," the brunette said simply. "I know you meant well."

Overjoyed that, after all this, she might still remain, at the very least, friends with the woman she'd fallen in love with, Tara didn't know what to say. She started searching for the right thing, but nothing came to mind. "I'm sorry I... breastfed you?"

"Tara..." Amanda said, backing away from her friend. She looked up into the blonde's eyes, a look of complete serious on her face. "That has to be the weirdest thing I've ever heard anybody say."

And for the first time in what seemed like ages, they shared a laughed.

Still, though, there was an awkward silence, and after some moments, Tara spoke up, looking to her friend hopefully. "So... are we, you know... okay?"

Amanda sighed, and then smiled. "Yeah, we're okay."

"So then... what do we do now?"

"Well," the brunette said coyly. She thought about it for a moment. She could ask Tara to make her normal sized again, but there was something... holding her back from doing that, though she didn't know what it was. And there were those confusing thoughts about Tara herself... That strange excitedness she felt whenever she was close to her. Was it because Tara was so much bigger? More intimidating, but still insistently gentle? Was it because she herself was completely naked, making her feel vulnerable? Or because Tara's shirt was still not only wide open, but she was completely comfortable with it?

Something weird was going on; that was for sure. And Amanda was beginning to think that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to... well, explore these feelings a little. See where they lead, if there's anything to them. It was a decision she had made while they were embracing one another. Bare skin against bare skin. The feeling of Tara's silky soft breastflesh against her own. So smooth, and soft. So warm. It made her nipples stiffen just thinking about it. Did this mean... she was becoming attracted to Tara? To another woman? She wouldn't be having that kind of reaction if this wasn't true, right? She needed a test. Something innocent but still intimate enough to see... what felt right.

"I could go for a massage."

Amanda saw Tara's lips curl into a half smile, half confused smirk. "A massage?" she asked, needing clarification.

"You said you wanted to help me feel better, right? Well, I've had a rough day, I'm all tense, and... I could use a massage," the tiny brunette stated matter-of-factly, emphasizing her point by standing straight and placing her hands on her hips.

Tara couldn't help but smile down at the little nude woman. She was just happy Amanda was still willing to remain friends. But this? All she wanted was to make her happy, to take care of her. She was overjoyed that her best friend would afford her that opportunity. She bit her lip, trying to hide her excitement, and then nodded enthusiastically. "Okay, um... Why don't you... Lay down. On your stomach."

Amanda did as instructed, and was soon lying face down on the bed in front of the blonde giantess. She waited patiently, though she found her heartbeat quickening in anticipation.

Tara looked down in awe at the sight before her. Small though she may have been, Amanda still held the beauty of a full-grown woman. The smoothness of her back, the curve of her hips, the swell of her ass, the creaminess of her thighs. And there she was, literally asking to be touched - waiting patiently for it, propping her head up with her hands below her chin. The blonde was getting a little warm. She removed her shirt and tossed it aside; she would be more comfortable that way. Plus... she still held out hope that something more intimate than a simple massage would occur soon. She lowered her hands towards the brunette's shoulders.

Amanda melted at the giantess's touch. Her hands were so big, so strong, yet so delicate. The giantess worked her knots with such force, but she was still so gentle, and careful, and just... "Oooohh, god... Mmmmm, that feels so good," she whispered breathlessly.

"I'm not hurting you?"

"Mmm, no, it feels... oh, wonderful..."

By this point, the smaller woman's moans of pleasure were getting Tara a little excited. She felt like taking things a little further. "Should I go lower?"

"Mmm-hmm," the brunette consented, almost without thinking. She felt the insistent workings of the giant, silky hands move below her shoulder blades, those strong thumbs working around her spine. A pair of delicate fingertips snaked around her sides, and lightly brushed the sides of her breasts. Amanda thought about protesting, but, for some reason, couldn't. She almost didn't want to admit it, but this little action gave her a little bit of a rush. And besides, Tara's hands had already moved on, lower down her back, toward her waist.

"Lower?" the sultry sweet voice echoed in the back of Amanda's mind.

"Mmmm." She immediately felt the giantess's wonderful hands move slowly - teasingly - lower. Tara's firm but careful fingers worked at her hips, her ass, her thighs. Amanda was in heaven, lost in her friend's, by now, intimate and sensual touch. The blonde's thumbs were working magic at the cleft her ass, right at the tops of her thighs, slowly - steadily - moving inwards. Much to Amanda's amazement, she found her body reacting to the stimulation. She couldn't lie to herself now and pretend that she wasn't into - very into - both the physical and emotional signals she was receiving. All new to her, all so confusing. But there was one thing she did know: She wanted to learn more. More about these feelings. More about herself.

Tara couldn't believe what she was seeing when the little woman laying in front of her began to spread her legs apart. Was this... an invitation? It certainly looked like it, but... what if she was wrong? Could she... take that chance? Maybe she could play it off as an accident; her hands were already working so close. Maybe just a 'slip'...

The brunette couldn't stifle a moan when the surface of Tara's thumb rubbed firmly over the folds of her labia. And it didn't stop; it just kept moving, upwards, passing over her... oh god, her clit. Her reflexes took over, and she found herself grinding her hips against the offending thumb.

Tara bit her lip, trying to stifle her excitement. This was all going so well! Did Amanda really just... settle into her? She slid her thumb out again, slowly, and repeated the motion. Sure enough, the tiny woman eased her hips back again, and even spread her legs just a little bit more. Tara picked up the pace a little, working her thumb against Amanda's slit a little faster, a little firmer. In no time at all, the brunette had lifted her cute little rump into the air slightly, and was all but bucking her hips against the blonde's prying thumb.

Amanda reveled in the waves of pleasure from the larger woman's ministrations. Tara was enthralled - addicted, even - to the sight of the smaller woman squirming under her touch. Both of them wanted more.

Tara withdrew her thumb, and replaced it with her index finger. She probed the tip around the area, finding just the right spot, and then slowly, gently, slid its length into the slickened folds of Amanda's sex. The brunette let out a gasp, and immediately arched her back in reflex. Tara played off this reaction by gently lifting her finger upwards while it was still lodged inside of Amanda, essentially easing her up onto her hands and knees. The blonde watched on in amazement as the little woman continued to buck her hips, slamming her round little ass against Tara's upturned palm, allowing herself to be ****ed by the giantess's finger. It was so... hot! So sexy! Tara - the one who was always able to keep her cool in the most aggravated of situations - couldn't control herself any longer.

Amanda's moans of passion turned into a shriek as she felt herself being lifted, and turned over onto her back. For just a few seconds, she looked up into the hungry, lustful eyes of her enormous friend turned lover. Only for a few seconds, though, because that's how long Tara held her gaze before diving headfirst between her legs. A large, meaty tongue probed insistently at the tiny love canal, sending an unprepared Amanda waves upon waves of never-before-experienced pleasures. "Oh g-god, T-T-Tara!!" The blonde's head popped up to look the little lady in the eyes. It took Amanda a moment to read the expression on her face. She was... pleading? Asking for permission? Well, whatever. The flustered brunette nodded vigorously. And without hesitation, the blonde returned once more to showing the diminutive woman just what she'd learned during her time as a lesbian.

Amanda had never felt anything like it before. Not only was Tara's tongue versatile, capable of doing things no stiff, inflexible **** would ever be able to do, but, seeing as how it belonged to woman many times her own size, it was ****ing huge, filling her more than anything she'd ever had inside of her.

"Ohgod ohgod ohgod ohgod," she uttered nearly without breath, in the throws of multiple orgasms.

A short while after her orgasms waned, Amanda sat up, feeling pleasantly numb and tingly in her nether regions. She looked down at herself, and smiled in retrospect. "Tara, I... I can't begin to tell you how great that was. I would've never imagined that... Tara?" At the blonde's lack of response, Amanda lifted her head to meet her gigantic lover's gaze.

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of... anguish? No - pleasure, passion on the blonde's pretty face! Her eyes were narrowed to slits, out of focus and glazed over. Her lips were upturned into a snarl, biting her lower lip to stifle her cries of passion. Her beautiful platinum locks were a disheveled, sweaty mess. Her big, perfect breasts her hanging, swaying underneath her as she hovered over the smaller woman, one hand splayed out in front to hold her weight up. The other hand was... doing something else; Amanda couldn't see from this angle. So she crawled out from beneath the gigantic woman, to her side, where she could see more easily - "Oh, sweety..." - that Tara had her hand stuffed down the front of her jeans, masturbating furiously.

The brunette could do nothing but watch, fascinated, as this gigantic beauty pleasured herself wantonly. She quickly found herself mesmerized by the sight, even despite the lewdness of the display. For the life of her, Amanda could not figure out why she was so captivated by this woman's beauty. Everything about Tara got her excited. Her pretty face. Her bright, sparkling blue eyes. Her silky golden locks. Her perfect skin. Her long, toned legs. Her big, bountiful breasts - oh god, her breasts! So big, so beautiful, so mouthwateringly creamy! But there was more! Her size! So imposing, and intimidating! So exhilarating! And her entire aura about her! The love, the warmth, the passion that emanated from her body!

But Amanda had never had these thoughts over another woman before. Admiration and acknowledgment of attractiveness, yes, but she was never actually attracted to another woman. But now? What was so special about Tara? Amanda closed her eyes, tried to picture another woman in her mind, tried to imagine another beautiful woman perched before her, in the throws of self-gratification. Nothing. She tried to picture a tongue, belonging to somebody else, doing the exact same things to her that Tara had just finished doing. Nothing. She even tried to picture a man, pumping his meat in and out of her with passion. That night on the lake with her first boyfriend, the best night of her life. Still nothing.

Then she imagined Tara, again, doing all these things over again. Immediately she felt her heart begin to quicken, her breathing becoming more erratic. So that was it then. It wasn't something about Tara. It was Tara herself she felt this connection for. And no one else, neither man nor woman, would ever be able to make her feel the way Tara was making her feel now. The 'how' and the 'why' be damned; Amanda didn't care. It was the 'what' that mattered; Tara was her whole world now, and that's all that mattered.

She opened her eyes in time to see the beautiful blonde giantess gasp and cry out, go stiff in climax, and then collapse forward onto the bed. Amanda walked up, slowly, toward the head of the bed. The larger woman rolled over, onto her back. She turned her head, her eyes fluttered open, and she cracked a warm, loving smile at the shrunken brunette. Amanda smiled back, and walked up to sit herself next to Tara's heaving chest. She leaned over, draping an arm over her big, amazing boob, essentially hugging it to her body. She caressed the silky soft flesh with her palm, and played with the blonde's nipple. "Well, you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"Mandy, you've made me so happy..."

Amanda just smiled back, and nuzzled her cheek against Tara's warm, comforting breast. And then she sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"I dunno, I guess... This is nice... but tomorrow I'll have to, like, try and... stop my life from being ruined. It's just not something I'm looking forward to, you know?"

"Well... you could always stay as my little plaything. We could play together all the time, and I could bathe you, feed you... Oh, I'd take the bestest care of you," Tara joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Huh, yeah, I'm sure you would." A few seconds of silence passed, and Amanda suddenly felt Tara begin to sit up. A pair of giant, tender hands wrapped around her under her armpits, and hoisted her up. Amanda soon found herself standing on the giantess's knees, so that the two were looking each other straight in the eye. Tara's bright blue eyes were deep, mesmerizingly beautiful.

"I dunno, Mandy, I think we could really do that! Think about it; you'd never have to worry about anything, ever again. I'd take care of it all for you. I'd do everything for you!"

"Oh, come on," the brunette responded, assuming Tara was still joking. But she could see from the look in her eye that she was serious. "I... I don't know, Tara..."

"Amanda... You're always going on about how unfair the world has been to you. Well, this is your chance! Just... let yourself go, and... let me take care of you. You'll never have to worry, or be stressed out over anything ever again. And... you can have me all to yourself. Just the two of us. And I'll do whatever you want, whenever you want. And--"

"Yeah, alright, I get it." As unrealistic and fantastic the proposal was, Tara was getting at something that touched Amanda deeply. Throughout all the hardships in her life, she would sometimes close her eyes and imagine being somewhere where she could live her life without a care in the world. She would be free. And now Tara was offering this to her; it was, quite literally, a dream come true. "But... what about... like... the rent, and..."

"I'll take care of the rent and everything else; don't worry about that. Don't worry about anything!"

"My boss wanting to call the cops on me, the dean wanting to kick me out of school..."

"Don't have to worry about that either," Tara answered, unable to resist cracking a smile. "If they come looking for you, I'll hide you. I mean, look at you; it won't be that hard..."

"Oh, ha-ha... I see, so I'm so supposed to stay little, then. That's the catch: I have to be your little plaything. You get to 'play' with me whenever you want."

The blonde's eyes narrowed into slits, and her grin widened just a little. "What'sa matter, Mandy? Don't you like being small?"

Amanda was not prepared for what happened next. Something suddenly shifted in her perspective, just as her whole body began to feel tingly and fuzzy. Even as the brunette stood still, unmoving, Tara's bright blue eyes began to rise higher, rapidly, as the hands wrapped around her torso grew in size. But almost as quickly as it started, it stopped, but not before Amanda found herself standing eye-level with an utterly devilish smile. Her mouth hung agape as she tilted her head up slightly to look into a pair of eyes that had an equally devilish sparkle to them.

It may have only been a few inches, but you have to remember, Amanda wasn't conscious the first time she shrank. This was quite a shocking event!

"Hm?" the blonde probed for an answer.

"Um..." The brunette then gasped, and shuddered when a large - larger than before - thumb caressed one of her breasts. Tara was gentle, but firm enough to send shivers down Amanda's spine. "Oh... You slut..." she whispered, nearly out of breath. She suddenly found herself pulled forward, her whole body smothered against the blonde's torso, those giant tits squeezing her from either side. Eyes wide in shock, she tilted her head up, just inches away from Tara's face. And then they were kissing. Amanda was startled at first. Tara's lips, being so much bigger than her own, enveloped practically half her face. And, let's face it, she'd never kissed another woman before. Nevertheless, she gave in quickly enough, trying her best to return the kiss with as much enthusiasm as was given to her.

The kiss was finally broken after some time, the two lovers looking each other deeply in the eyes.

"So," Tara said, with great amounts of sexuality oozing from her voice, "would you like to be my little playmate?"

Amanda, still dazed and flustered, answered simply, "Okay... But please," she added, snapping into alertness. "Please... don't ever shrink me like that again."

"Never ever?"

"No. Well... Not without at least warning me first."

"Mmmmm, we'll see about that," she said with a glint of mischief in her eye. "So it's settled, then. You're gonna be my little playmate, and I'm gonna take good care of you."

"Well, you better. I'm basically surrendering my life to you, you know."

"Oh, I will. You'll see. And we are gonna have so much fun!" said the comparatively giant woman, squeezing the small woman for effect.

"Hey, hey, hey! Easy there, big stuff."

"Hm, sorry! So what now? What do you want me to do? Are you hungry? Bored? Dirty? Horny?"

"Let's, uh... Let's start with hungry, 'kay? I haven't really eaten much today."

"Great! Should I breastfeed you again? Or do you want me to fix you something else?"

"Whoa, whoa, hold on a minute. Breastfeed me?" The matter-of-fact tone of Tara's suggestion took Amanda completely by surprise. She was serious? She had thought that, before, it was just... Tara was just trying to... She could actually be fed this way? Like, an actual meal?

"Well, yeah! I mean, I can make it healthy enough for you to live off of, and... well, I enjoyed it... didn't you?"

She did. In fact, it was more than just the taste, more than the eroticism. It was Amanda's dream come true to have somebody so big, so strong, so warm, so comforting, to let her lie back and be taken care of. Well, how much more giving can this caretaker be than to nourish somebody with her own body? The very idea made Amanda's heart flutter, made her weak in the knees. She looked down, towards Tara's big breasts, and saw that a few drops of milky white had already accumulated around each nipple. Tara had allowed this to happen, obviously, in order to tempt the already mostly-swayed woman even further. And it worked. She swallowed hard before making her choice. "Alright," she said softly, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot..."

Tara beamed, and wasted no time in sweeping the cute little brunette off her feet. She gave her a peck on the forehead, and lowered her to her waiting teat.

In no time at all, Amanda found herself cradled in the giantess's arms like a child, face-to-face with a breast larger than her head, capped by a rosy nipple that was leaking sweet, life-sustaining nectar. Her mouth watered in anticipation, and then, just as she was about to wrap her lips around it, she stopped, suddenly wary. She looked up at Tara's warm smile. "Wait a minute."

Tara smiled wider, and gave her little companion a reassuring shake of the head. "I won't shrink you. I promise."

Satisfied, Amanda returned her attention to the offered nipple. She gave the thing a tentative lick. Tara's milk was sweet, and creamy, and when she swallowed, it seemed to fill her entire body with a comforting warmth, and she suddenly felt more relaxed. It was just as wonderful as it had been earlier; except this time, Amanda was able to enjoy it in full consciousness. She reached up with both hands, and placed them on either side of Tara's mighty tit, as if holding onto it offered more comfort, more security. Smiling to herself at the thought, she wrapped her lips around milk-giving teat, and suckled greedily, filling her mouth and belly with warm, creamy goodness.

Laying there cradled in her caretaker's arms, Amanda couldn't help but feel safe, secure, loved, needed. She reflected over the events that had transpired that day - the bad, and then the good that followed. And she couldn't help but think, as she nursed from her newfound lover's tit, that things would be okay for her, that she had made the right choice.



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Mmm! Great stories! I liked the first one the best, but all three were really well-written. If writing scene-by-scene is what works for you, keep doing it.



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Awesome stories man! The variety in the one-shot approach is great!


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yeah, i saw thse on the Giantess City forums. still great stories. keep being random!

Also: FAP



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"Pushing Buttons" the first story, has really good potential!! Please continue smile.gif



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An update, after too long of a period of time.

This one contains MGTS growth and a small amount of PE at the end.


"Play Time"
By Jack Vigilante

Laura and I had been dating for over a year, but we had never had sex. She was a virgin, and she wasn't ready to take that step, she said. I wasn't upset, though. In fact, I understood completely, because I had never had sex before either. Things were okay that way - neither of us really knew what we were missing.

We had decided that tonight would be the night - Laura's eighteenth birthday. My parents were out of town, and somehow she had convinced her mother to let her stay out later than normal. This basically meant that we had my house to ourselves.

After a quiet dinner in my family's dining room, Laura took me by the hand and slowly led me upstairs to my bedroom. I quietly closed the door behind us, and pressed the Play button on my CD player. Laura, who was already seated on the edge of my bed waiting for me to join her, smiled when the ambient rhythms of Massive Attack began to play softly.

She was obviously looking forward to this just as much as I was. When I sat down next to her, she didn't hesitate to lean forward and plant a soft kiss on my lips. My arm was around her, drawing her in closer to me, and then we were making out in full.

At one point she stood up in front of me. She smiled down at me with a sexy, mischievous smile, and then started to do a sexy little dance to the music. I happily watched as she performed for me, and I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was. Laura was about average height, but her body was killer. Her calves, her thighs, her stomach, her arms - all were smooth and toned. Her hips were curvy, and her ass was firm and muscular. Her breasts, though, were what really drew me in. Big, and firm, and perfect. 36-DD, she once told me. When she walked, they bounced entusiastically beneath her shirt, even when wearing a bra. It was this aspect of her body that truly mesmerized me throughout her dancing.

But suddenly she stopped. She stood still, with her eyes closed and a slight smile on her lips. She was breathing kind of heavy, and she placed her hand over her breastplate.


"I feel... kinda warm..." She moved her hand up to forehead and held it there as if she was lightheaded.

"Are you okay?" I quickly rose from my seat and started walking towards her.

But then something weird happened that made me hesitate. Laura seemed to be... well, "shifting" is the only word I can think to describe it. It was like her body was sliding against the objects behind her. It happened so slowly that I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was seeing. I looked down at her feet; sure enough, they were planted firmly on the floor, which meant that she wasn't moving at all. Although, something odd that I noticed was that the cuffs of her jeans appeared to be slowly lifting up from her shoes. My gaze shifted upwards, and it looked as if her hips and thighs were filling her pants slightly more than they had been. Even her shirt seemed just a tad bit more snug on her. And beneath that, I could definitely see that there was just a little bit of excess breast flesh pushing against the cups of her bra, as if it was too small for her.

My eyes immeidately went to the top of her head. After several seconds of close inspection, my suspciions were confirmed. The top of Laura's head was slowly rising against my line of sight, forcing me to gradually tilt my head up higher as it happened. Earlier that year, my own height had hit the six-foot mark, a fact that I was particularly pleased about. Laura, on the other hand, had remained at about five-three. This had put her roughly even with my chin. But now, as I watched, the top of her head gradually crept up to my mouth. And then my nose. And then she was at my eye-level.

She finally stopped growing when the top of her head was about an inch above my eyes. I swallowed hard. Laura wasn't just taller - she seemed bigger all over. Her shirt was tight, but in an attractive way, showing off her curvvy torso and baring a couples inches of her flat stomach. Her bra, however, was clearly at least two sizes too small. Had her breasts actually gotten disproportionately larger? It wasn't by much, but it did certainly seem so. In fact, she seemed to be a bit curvier in her hips as well. They seemed to be straining her jeans, and the denim was wrapped tightly around her thighs.

The whole event couldn't have taken more than a minute. But I was so engrossed in what had happened that I could do nothing but stand there and watch. And Laura... she was just lost. Her eyes fluttered open right after her growth came to a halt. "Oh, wow," was all she said.

I took a few tentative steps closer to her. Our diminished height difference became increasingly noticeable with each step. "L-Laura? Are you all right?"

She looked at me and smiled hazily. "Ooh, that felt wonderful!" As I stood directly in front of her, she looked up at me quizically, her gaze shifting down my body and then back up again. "You look shorter," she said simply, almost amusedly.

"You... You just grew! I watched it happen!"

She looked down at herself, and then at me, and then herself again. She shifted her feet, and then tugged at the collar of her shirt. "My shoes feel tight," she said. She tried kicking them off, but it took a little bit of effort, and she ended up stumbling into my arms, giggling furiously. I couldn't help but notice how much heavier she felt as I caught her. She surprised me even further by pressing her body into mine. I felt her breasts drag across my chest, as she wrapped her arms around my back. When she stood back up on her own two feet, she reached up for a kiss - tilting her head a lot less than usual, I noticed. She quickly pressed her lips against mine, and attempted to drive her tongue into my mouth.

Shocked, I stumbled backwards, causing Laura to smirk at me. "Are you kidding?" I began to protest. "We can't do this now! You just grew like five inches! We need to take you to a doctor, or a.. hospital... um..."

All thoughts were caught off when Laura decided to take her shirt off. The sudden sight of her smooth, creamy arms, her flat, toned stomach, the flesh bulging out over the top of her bra... Let's face it, I'm a guy, and there's certain things that'll shut me up no matter what the situation. And then after she tossed her shirt aside, she began to reach for the bra's clasp behind her back. In only a few seconds, her tits bounced free from their confines, their sheer size and mass astounding me as they wobbled atop her ribcage. They drooped only a little, but for the most part they were exceptionally firm and round, like a pair of small melons.

She took a step forward, and my heart leapt at the prospect of her plump breasts coming closer to me. She stepped up close to me, close enough that I was able to reach up and touch them, and she placed her hands tenderly on my shoulders. My hands seemed to move of their own volition, and all I could do was watch helpless as my own fingertips brushed against her silky smooth skin. I placed my palms firmly against them. I squuezed them slightly, testing their softness. Laura had allowed me to reach second base with her before, but never had her boobs been so big. Her nipples stiffened under my palms, and my pants grew a little bit more uncomfortable.

Laura suddenly reached down to the hem of my shirt, and lifted it up slowly. I instinctively lifted my arms up so that she could remove my shirt, which, much to my dismay, meant that my hands had to leave their perch. She immediately pressed her body into mine. Her soft flesh and stiff nipples dragged along my chest. She then wrapped her arms over my shoulders and leaned in for a soft kiss. When she pulled away, she looked me deep in the eyes and smiled. She removed one of her arms from around my neck, and I felt the crook of a finger tug at the front of my jeans.

"Wait..." I said when a flash of reasoning suddenly entered my mind. Well, she didn't wait. She pushed me backwards, so that I fell onto the bed. "But--!"

"Listen, Davey," she said sweetly, but with a certain inflection that told me she meant business. "I was very much hoping to lose my virginity tonight." She started crawling onto the bed towards me, and I reflexively began to slide backwards. "And that little growth spurt made me... mm... really, really horny." My head thumped against the wall when I ran out of bed. Laura paused when she reached the bulge in my pants, and she sat up, straddling my thighs. She began to undo my belt, as she continued her little speech. "And so you see, one way or another, you..." With one strong tug, she pulled my entire belt clear through the loops and tossed it aside. It clanged onto my bedroom floor across the room. "...are going to **** me."

She wrapped one hand firmly around the oblong bulge in my pants and gave it a good squeeze. She kept her hand there, massaging my crotch as she crawled up the rest of my body. Hovering above me, she looked me deep in the eyes, with an utterly hungry - and sexy - glint in her eyes. Her aggressiveness was new and unnerving to say the least, but I couldn't help but find it downright sexy.

But suddenly her eyes went out of focus, and her hand drifted away from my crotch and onto the bed by my side. There was a sharp intake of breath, and then a slight smile spread across her lips. She started whimpering. And then she suddenly arched her back, and a loud moan escaped her lips. Being so close to her this time, I recognized right away when she started growing. Her body began to swell on top of me. Her head was already beginning to stretch past mine. Her tits, thrust out as she arched her back, pushed out just a little bit farther.

Now that she was distracted, I seized the opportunity and rolled out from underneath her. I stood next to my bed, and watched, fascinated, as Laura writhed and grew on top of it. She had rolled over onto her back. Her eyes were closed, and she was grinding her teeth. She was grabbing handfuls of her own breasts, massaging them furiously. Whatever she was feeling, I got the distinct impression that she was enjoying it immensely.

And then I heard the groaning of fabric. I could see that Laura's jeans were far too tight. They were a snug fit when she was five-foot-three, and denim is not a forgiving material to begin with. It was only a matter of seconds before the first tear announced itself with a loud rip. It was along the outer curve of her thigh, where they exuded the most pressure on her pants.As the seconds ticked by, that tear grew longer, and spread wider, until I could just barely see her smooth flesh peeking through the shredded threads.

It was at that moment that her growth seemed to halt. Laura visibly relaxed. She had stopped moaning, and for a few moments she was content to lie on her back, tracing little circles along her flat stomach until her breathing slowed. I was about to say something, but before I did she sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. Slowly, she rose to her feet. My eyes were glued to her form, my gaze rising along with her. I took a few steps back as she stood, as I was utterly taken aback by her newfound size.

Laura was simply big. She was taller than I was by at least a few inches. But not only that, she was noticeably much curvier than she used to be, and her muscle tone had significantly improved. Her arms, her stomach, and her thighs - encased tightly in their denim confines - were thicker with muscle, but she still had a softness about her that asserted her femininity. She simply dripped sexuality, and I felt my pulse quicken just watching her. Laura was literally the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on.

With a contented sigh, she reached down to her jeans and attempted to unbutton them. She had trouble doing so, and eventually she ended up just ripping the button off. Her hips rocked enticingly from side to side as she began to ease her jeans over her hips. It took some doing, but inch by inch, her smooth, creamy skin came into view. Her next task was to bend over and slide her jeans over th erest of her long, muscular legs. She turned around, so that she could keep her balance with one hand on my bed as she lifted each leg in turn. Her gorgeous ass was pointed directly at me. So round, and firm, and full. I subconsciously licked my lips as my mouth went dry. She stood straight up again after kicking away her jeans, and then performed the same maneuver with her panties. The elastic in her panties was much more lenient, and she had an easier time sliding them down her thighs. She pulled her socks off as well when she slid each leg through its respective hole, so that when she stood up straight for the last time, she was in all her beautiful, nude glory.

My breath caught in my throat at the sight of her perfect contours - from her sculpted calves, along her thighs, ass, and waist, up to her strong but feminine shoulders. With a groan of exertion, she stretched her arms up high, her fingertips just grazing my eight foot ceiling. Even I couldn't do that.

She twisted her head slightly to peer back at me, and I saw wicked grin on her lips, and a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She spun around slowly, allowing me to drink in the sight of her body. Her breasts - huge on her already-immense frame - wobbled to a stop a few seconds after she did. I swallowed hard as she took that first step towards me. With the next two steps that cleared the distance between us, my head tilted upwards to keep our eyes locked. She paused as she stood just inches away from me, looking down at me intently. I was about eye-level with her chin.

Her hands slid up my bare chest, sending chills down my spine. She wrapped her fingers around my shoulders, firmly but not roughly. She then began to push me backwards. I didn't resist her, but I could tell that she was pretty strong now. I backed up until I thudded against a wall, which gave me somewhat of a jolt. Laura's smile cracked a little bit wider, showing a thin line of white teeth. I shuddered, it was so sexy.

"Measure me," she said unexpectedly.


"This feels amazing, David. I want to know how tall I am." I followed her with my eyes as she reached over to the dresser next to me and grabbed a retractable tape measure I happened to have sitting there. How convenient. She placed the object in my hand for me, as I was apparently too stunned to register what was happening, and then she grabbed me by the shoulders and spun us around so that our positions were reversed. Laura's back was to the wall, and I stood in front of her. I looked up to her smiling face, and then down at the tape measure in my hand, and then back up to her again. "Do you need a stool?" she snorted as she stood up straight.

I shook my head - not as an answer, but as a means of shaking myself out of the trance I was in. I reached up, hand shaking, and held held the bulk of the tape measure up against the wall. I slid the metal tape downward until it touched the floor, and then looked at the numbers. Due to the fact that I was looking up to the top of her head, I couldn't see exactly where she lined up on the tape, but I could make a pretty good estimate. I swallowed down some of my nervousness before opening my mouth to speak. "Six-four," I said quietly.

"Ooohh, Davey... Mmm... What do you think?"


"Do you think I'm sexy?" she asked in a deep, husky voice. While I was looking up into her face, she snaked her arms around my back, and pulled me to her. Her big, perfect breasts pressed gently into my upper chest.

I did. I really, really did. I'd never been into tall women before, but then again, I'd never really been around too many of them. There was just something about her now... She was so massive. It was the shape of her body - her curves and her strength - and the way she presented herself so confidently.

"Mmm, you do. I can tell. And I bet you'd like it if I was a little bigger..."

Before I could really ponder whether that was true or not, Laura closed her eyes, and tilted her head back slightly. There was a brief pause where she held her breath, and I didn't know what she was doing. But then there was a steady shifting. I had to gradually tilt my head back to keep my eyes on her face, and I could feel her soft breasts slowly sliding upwards against my skin. Laura continued to rise, until I was able to look straight ahead into the middle of her slender neck.

Her growth stopped, seemingly almost as quickly as it started. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at me with a pleased smirk. "You do like it, don't you..."

I nodded dumbly, not quite knowing how to react. I looked up to my hand, which was still raised against the wall. From my angle, I estimated that the top of her head was about even with the 78-inch mark. Laura had just grown another two inches. And... it seemed as if she just... willed it to happen. My hand dropped to my side, the metal tape reatracting into its spool, and I looked up into her deep, blue eyes.

"I think you like watching me grow, too. Is that right?" She sighed, and gently ran her hands along my bare back. "It feels so good when I grow, Davey. I... I don't think I can help myself!"

Her embrace suddenly tightened, and my body was forced against hers. I struggled a little, but Laura was too strong for me. I looked up again, and saw the same expression she had worn just moments earlier, as she started growing. There was no way I was going to stop her. No way I wanted to stop her. Laura was right - watching her grow turned me on about as much as the end result. And so, dropping the tape measure onto the floor, I wrapped my arms around her, and held her in a light embrace.

I could feel her begin to rise against me, her whole body stretching higher. My arms slid down her back. It was clear to me now that she wasn't just getting taller - her entire body was growing proportionately. My arms were slowly being forced apart as her torso widened slightly. I allowed one of my hands to sink lower, to the curvature of her ass. I gave it a gentle squeeze, admiring its newfound size and roundness, and its muscularture set beneath a layer of soft tissue. I could feel her hips widening slightly against my arm.

Her breasts continued to slide higher up my front. My chin quickly nestled into her cleavage, and as they continued to climb higher, my mouth and cheeks became surrounded by Laura's warm, soft flesh. A big, strong, albeit feminine hand suddenly pressed itself against the back of my head, and forced my face down, deep into the dark space between Laura's giant tits. I could feel their mass spreading out against my face, almost surrounding my entire head. Soon I didn't need to tilt my head downwards to keep it nestled between her breasts, as that's how tall she had grown.

And that's when she stopped growing. But I hardly noticed at the time. She kept my head firmly in place for a minute or two longer. Somehow, her stiff, fat nipple had ended up inside my mouth. I sucked on it, and nibbled at it lightly. I could hear soft cooing noises from above me.

Eventually her hold on me relaxed, and I was able to pull my face away from her wonderful breasts. Indeed, her thick nipples were exactly level with my mouth. I looked up - way up - into Laura's smiling face. She turned her head, and peered down at her own backside, to where my hand had apparently been kneading her ass. She snickered, and then turned back to me. "Now what do you think of me?"

I swallowed, producing an audible gulp. "Wh-what are you?" I asked nervously.

For a brief moment, her eyebrows furrowed in question, but then her grin cracked into a wicked, sexy smile. She bent over low and retreived the tape measure from the floor. My eyes followed her intently as she raised herself back up to her full height, looming over me. She placed the tape measure back into my hands. Then her hands slid underneath my armpits, and, too my utter shock and surprise, I was suddenly lifted into the air. She grunted with effort, and I could see her biceps swelling beneath her layer of smooth, soft skin. I could tell she wasn't outrageously strong - she had to be if she was able to get me off the ground - but she was definitely stronger than I was, I could tell. She wrapped one arm underneath the seat of my pants to hold me up, and the other around my back to hold me steady. My legs were forced apart around her waist and over her hips as she held me close to her.

"Some kind of... witch?" I continued my question.

She laughed, as if the idea was absurd. "Not quite, sweetie. But we'll talk about that later. I want you to measure me again."

I did as I was told. Partly because I was curious to know myself, but also because she was intimidating as hell. I reached up with both hands and started pulling out the metal tape, until it reached the floor. I held it up against the wall, behind Laura, and peered at the numbers. Laura's eyes sparkled as she waited for me to read her height off. She knew damn well how tall she was, I was sure of it. She just wanted me to say it out loud. "Seven feet even," I answered finally.

"Mmmm, seven feet... Doesn't that make you so hot? Just knowing that I'm a foot taller than you?"

It honestly did. Just the thought of how big she was, and the fact that she was actually holding me in her big, strong arms. My dick pressed firmly against her stomach, tenting my jeans. I was glad she had taken my belt off, making my pants a little looser. Otherwise I'm sure I'd've been much more uncomfortable.

"You're seem so much smaller now," she mused. "And cuter," she added with a grin. Her hand suddenly left my back, and I instincivetly wrapped my arms around hers to keep from hers to keep from falling, dropping the tape measure in the process. She stroked my cheek with her long fingers, and then looked down between her bodies. I followed her gaze, and saw that her shoulders were a bit wider than mine. And I marveled at how huge her breasts looked, squashed up against me. Keeping one of my arms wrapped around her back, I placed one of my hands on the side of her enormous tit, appreciating its size and softness. "Mmm, if you were any smaller, then... you'd be absolutely adorable... Oh-ho-ho, god...!"

I could feel her pulse suddenly skyrocket. She held me tightly to her once more, grinding my pelvis against her stomach. Her grip on me shifted repeatedly, as if her hold on me suddenly loosened and she had to readjust herself. Her breasts seemed to swell against my chest, occupying increasing amounts of space. It became more and more difficult to keep my arms circled around her body. My legs were spread further apart by her widening body, but at the same time my legs lifted slightly off of her hips as I was rising higher above the ground. Her breasts began to climb higher on my chest, approaching my collarbone, and then my neck. I looked upwards, and saw the ceiling creeping steadily closer. Laura's expression was one of pure ecstacy. Obviously, she was losing control of herself.

She kept her embrace tight, and I could feel her arms growing around me - longer, stronger, more... encompassing. She kept holding me so that my pelvis remained firm against her stomach, which meant that I was sliding down her body as she grew taller. She seemed massive, and I felt like a child in her arms.

There was a 'thunk' from above me, and then a quiet "oh" from Laura. Her growth spurt immediately stopped, and I peered upwards to see the top of her head touching my bedroom ceiling. My bedroom's eight-foot ceiling. She turned her head upward to see where her head struck the plaster, and then she looked back down at me. "You are adorable!" she exclaimed with a wide, excited smile. "Oh, baby, you better **** me before I lose control of myself again. Come on, you."

Laura ducked her head slightly as she carried me over to the bed. Which, by the number of heavy thuds I heard from below us, took her fewer footsteps than it normally would have. Before I knew it, I was lying on my back with my legs from the knees down hanging over the side of the bed, my gigantic girlfriend looming over with an eager, hungry gleam in her eyes. She quickly pulled off my shoes and socks, and then with a sharp pull, she yanked my jeans down. Only my boxers remained, my stiff member tenting the thin fabric. And, as a blatant show of strength, a demonstration of the power her newfound size granted her, she simply decided to tear them right off.

Then she twisted my body so that I was lying longways on the bed - easily, as if to her I weighed no more than a child. She swung one massive leg over my body, and climbed onto the bed above me. I scooted backwards instinctively, so that I was propped up slightly against the back wall. Laura was quick to follow, and she ended up straddling my hips, sitting up on her knees. She took my dick in her long fingers and pointed it upwards. "Oooh, you're certainly ready for me, I can see..."

I most certainly was. I was nervous as hell, and right now she was the most physically intimidating person I'd ever met. But she was also the sexiest. Everything about her now - her growth, her power over me, her sheer massiveness - made me want her right then more than anything. "I-I have condoms," I stammered, pointing towards my nightstand drawer.

"Oh, you won't be needing those with me, baby," she told me matter-of-factly.

And then without further hesitation, she raised herself up, and positioned the head of my **** at the openening to her slit. She rubbed it against her labia a few times, coating the tip of my dick with her juices, before sliding herself down. I slid into her fairly easily, from the combination of her own lubrication and the fact that she was both two feet taller than I was and proportionately larger. As her tremendous weight settled on top of me completely, I found that I didn't even fill her completely. Nevertheless, it was still fantastic. It was hot, and wet, and her inner muscles were caressing and massaging my **** like nothing else. I didn't know if this was normal or if this was another trick she had up her sleeve, but regardless, I was in heaven.

Laura, on the other hand, seemed a little disappointed. "Oh... I guess I grew a little too much, huh?" And then she grinned, and bit her lower lip coyly. "Nothing I can't fix, though..." She reached forward, and began to run her hands over my shoulders and my chest. With her arms together like this, her giant breasts were pushed together, forming a vast line of deep, dark cleavage. And her touch was warm and soothing, causing me to melt on the inside. If she was trying to fuel my arousal even further, it was working wonders.

She began to lift herself up, and push herself down again, sliding my dick in and out of her. I tried to match her movements, thrusting my hips upwards as she came down, but her thighs were far too heavy, and I remained pinned on the bed. With nothing else to do, I reached forward and started caressing her thighs. Her incredibly smooth, strong, soft, and long thighs, with her knees up almost to my head.

As she continued to **** me, I began to feel a strange pulling sensation from inside her. It was almost as if she was sucking me in deeper. Every time she would lift herself up, it felt like her pussy was tyring to pull at my dick, and every time she eased herself back down, it seemed as if I was penetrating her just a little bit deeper. At the same time, her vaginal walls were becoming increasingly tighter, bit by bit. Finally, it got to the point where the head of my dick met with resistence, and I could not go any deeper inside of her. She was much tighter now - not enough, I think, to hurt her, but enough that the friction between our respective organs was much greater now, and it afforded us both with new levels of pleasure.

The next time she lifted herself up, I looked down between our bodies. Most of my **** was exposed now, and I could celarly see that it was longer, and thicker, than what I was used to seeing. So this was her solution? She was too big for me to satisfy her, so she gave me a bigger dick? At the moment, I didn't know how to feel about that, but I certainly couldn't complain. The sensations were extraordinary, and I was quickly becoming lost in our lovemaking.

It was long before the moaning sounds above me increased in pitch, and Laura suddenly pressed herself against me with some force, grinding her pelvis against mine. Though this was our first time having actual sex, we had fooled around int he past, and I was able to recognize when she was having an orgasm. I couldn't help but smile a bit, a small sense of pride filling me as I realized that I was able to outlast her. In fact, I felt like I could go on for quite a bit longer. Laura continued to **** me, and she came once more by the time I felt the pressure begin to rise sharply within my loins. I don't think I'd ever had such an intense release as I had then. I couldn't help but clench my eyes, and I thrust my hips upward as best as I could. This orgasm lasted longer than any I had ever experienced.

By the time I started coming down from my high, Laura was leaning forward, stroking my hair. My member was still nestled inside of her, and her big, soft breasts, were pressing against my chest. Her back was bent, but her head was still well above mine. I had to tilt my head upwards to look into her eyes.

An immense calm suddenly came over me. The combination of Laura's delicate fingers running through my hair and my post-orgasmic haze was making me very, very sleepy. My eyelids started to grow very heavy, and I found it difficult to keep them open.

"Hey!" came a sudden shout from above me. I opened my eyes to see Laura sitting up straight, trying to look cross at me but unable to fully hide her smile. "Wake up! Play time is not over!"


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I really like this Jack, thank you!

I sometimes have inspiration problems when writing my stories too. It's good to see you really pushed through. So far you've written a nice wholesome amount. Now it's just about getting yourself to sit down and finish it. Something i've never been able to do, except for my first story :(

Once again, thanks Jack



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I love these little snippets. There's no problem with not finishing a story. What matters is substance. I'd rather drink one can of fresh, bubbly, perfectly chilled Sprite than 400 gallons of sea water. Kind of a dumb metaphor, but the point stands.

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